Agents of BIFROST

Awakening, and Cheating Death
Mission Report: 2016-06-22


During our investigation of Remy’s packaging, my vision began to fall in on itself, and the world went black. I suddenly found myself sitting in a chair in a room I’d already searched on the same floor, and quickly determined it to be Thor’s room. Agent Lugoska greeted Remy and me, and asked if we were done with our naps. She was carrying the Ebony Blade, which we had already determined, prior to our altercation with the automaton, was sapient.

Immediately upon regaining motor function, I ordered her to give me the sword, and exited the room. My single-minded goal at that moment was to save as many lives as I could on this floor, and to do that, I needed to destroy Mainframe, the computer system in another room.

The Ebony Blade had intimated in our previous interaction that it was able to assist me with just that goal, and I asked it telepathically to assist me now. It declined at first, saying, “I won’t work for you, unless you agree that your previous arrangement is null.” I had told it that I would not be controlled by it, and that it would not be controlled by me. With this arrangement off the table, I was suddenly and significantly more confident in my abilities to fight and defend those persons in my charge.

To that end, I entered the server room, only to be greeted by an automaton. I am unaware if it was the same one, or another. Mainframe’s only response was, “Don’t make me do this again.” I was almost immediately struck in the arm by an energy beam from what appeared to be an arc reactor in the automaton’s chest, which did considerable damage. Within 2 seconds, faster than I’ve ever been, I lashed out with the Ebony Blade, dealing tremendous damage to the server cluster, which reduced it to a puddle of metal and circuit boards that were now destroyed. This apparently had the effect of ending the automaton’s movement, as it stopped attacking me in that moment.

Moments later, both Agent Lugoska and Remy entered the room, and at that time, I noted a small glass cylinder in the wall behind the now-still automaton. Contained within the cylinder was a pink crystal formation, strongly resembling Terragen crystal. Knowing what Terragen was, I was able to confirm mentally that this could be Terragen, but I’d not seen the pink variety before. Remy attempted to remove the cylinder from its mount, but was unsuccessful, and was rebuffed by Agent Lugoska, who inspected the container more closely. She discovered two protrusions that resembled buttons, one of which had what appeared to be etching in random placement on it. She initially thought to use her fingerprint powder and brush to determine which button had been pressed previously. Fumbling the equipment, I stepped in and brushed the material across the buttons, discovering a fingerprint on the unmarred button. Remy suggested that she press the one with the marks on it, where I suggested that she press the one without marks, but containing fingerprints. I left her to make the decision, and she pressed the unmarked, but fingerprinted, button. The crystal immediately fell through a newly-opened hole below it. In her efforts to return the crystal to the cylinder, Agent Lugoska pressed the second button with the etching, but was unsuccessful. The effects of the secondary button press are unknown, but I had the idea that the secondary button would vaporize the contents of the cylinder. Under this assumption, after I voiced it, Remy postulated that environmental controls might be able to prevent the spread of the Terragen gas, which would turn any human with Inhuman DNA, and kill everyone else.

Agent Lugoska noted aloud that she had found something that could have been environmental controls in the wall of a room she entered when Miguel and the automaton were fighting. Leading us there, she pointed it out and Remy, who claimed systems usage experience, stepped up and attempted to identify what each of the various controls did on the machinery presented. Upon failing to determine with confidence the meaning of any of the buttons, he simply pressed one of them. I almost immediately heard a hissing sound in the corridor outside the room. Assuming the worst, I thought that he had inadvertently released some form of poisonous gas, so I ordered the both of them out on the spot, telling them to run for the hole through which Remy and Miguel had entered, being the exterior wall of the building and a source of oxygen.

We made it approximately a third of the way before I noticed that the gas was touching my ankles, and it was in that moment that I fell unconscious.

[ — END SITREP — ]

Alchemax & Shrinkage
Mission Status Report: 8 June 2016

SITREP 8 June 2016

Remy and I proceeded in our plan to assist Miguel in acquiring the Avengers artifacts from the possession of the corporation he is employed by. They obtained the items when they claimed the building. Remy went with Miguel up the outside of the building, while I teleported floor by floor from Miguel’s apartment up to the 150th floor.

Upon my arrival, the lights were off, and there was very little in the way of light, as there were no windows present. Moments after my arrival, Miguel and Remy came through a newly-formed hole in the wall, which allowed some external light into the room I arrived into. We discovered that the room was decorated much as it would have been in the 1980’s, with posters of Ant Man and other items located in the room. One wall was decorated with shelves containing what appeared to be models of various vehicles. Upon cursory search, we located the belt of “shrinking” pods (there was a name for these I don’t recall).

We exited the room, and proceeded immediately to the left, opening the door to a room which turned out to be empty, though it was painted red and had mirrors on all the walls.

Exiting that room, we proceeded further down the hall, only to witness a plasma bolt destroying part of the wall in front of us. Immediately after that, we heard Dr. Hu’s voice coming from the room behind the now-breached wall. I entered the room he was in via the door I assumed would lead me to it, and confirmed his health and safety before proceeding to look for the remaining member of our party. Cursory visual inspection of the room revealed a full suit of very dark armor, and a long sword. I heard a voice whisper to me, “I can help,” but I ignored it, as it did not sound familiar, and did not seem to me to need assistance. It also did not pose an immediate threat, in my mind.

Departing that room, we proceeded into the next one to the left, and upon entry, discovered that the missing member of our party was contained within a glass enclosure. She was still bound to a very large pillar by spiderweb, but we proceeded to attempt her release. We broke the glass case containing her, but I was forced to utilize all the strength I had to stop the pillar from crushing her. It was then that I discovered one of Remy’s special abilities – he instilled more strength in me somehow, by “cheering” me on. It was irritating, but useful. Without it, I fear that our Agent companion may have perished. I was able to turn the pillar 90 degrees and set it down, thus preventing the Agent’s death by crushing. We made several attempts at cutting the web, but were unsuccessful. The whispering voice told me again that it was able to help, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

Searching this room, we discovered Captain America’s uniform, including his shield. It was, however, not his actual uniform. The differences were subtle, but I noted them. Claiming the shield, we then departed that room, and proceeded across the hall. Remy went to the previous room, and handled the armor and sword. I followed him when I heard the glass break, and instructed him to return the armor and helm to the mannequin in the case.

Entering the room, we find a bed and a weight set with a bench. Determining that this room most likely belonged to Thor, we searched for any evidence to lend credence to this idea. I discovered nothing in my endeavor, though Remy was able to locate what appeared to be a secret panel on the bottom of the bed. Opening the panel, Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir falls from the panel and travels through the floor, landing resoundingly on the floor below. Choosing to move on in the interest of time saving, we departed the room and moved on to the door immediately to the left.

Opening the door, we discovered a very large server room, and a disembodied voice told us his name was Mainframe, who then asked us to kill him. Requesting more information, it was determined that he was employed by the owner of the corporation Alchemax, Tiberius Stone. As I am not in the business of killing seemingly innocent entities, and there was no way to determine beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mainframe had not been programmed to ask anyone coming across him to kill him, I ordered Remy out of the room an closed the door.

Moments later, a loud sound was heard, and a door at the end of the hall we had yet to search opened upon a large automaton. The voice coming from it was identical to Mainframe’s, when he said, “I tried to warn you.” Remy began to talk to him from directly behind me, in what appeared to be an attempt to dissuade the looming attack, and was rewarded by my unconscious body striking him at high speed as I bore the brunt of a brutal attack from the Mainframe automaton.

As I lost consciousness, I am unaware how I became miniaturized and sealed into a plastic package of some sort, but I immediately teleported out of the packaging. I discovered quickly that nearly all of my equipment had been removed from my person, and that Remy was also trapped in a plastic package. Unable to teleport, he was not capable of escaping on his own. I noted that there were many other heroes captured in these packages, and given that I had been miniaturized and packaged, I thought it conceivable that they could have been as well. Discovering that Heracles (also known to my people as Hercules) was captured in a package, I proceeded to release him by tearing off the back of the packaging. He and I released several of the others captured, many of whom had unfortunately perished in captivity. The survivors included Thor, Lady Sif, and X-23.

The five of us returned to Remy’s packaging and released him, and Remy immediately noted that there had been a black puddle on the shelf before his package. Lifting the packaging, we did not discover any evidence of said puddle. Remy also noted that the name on the box did not match his, while the box I was trapped in had my correct name.


Mission Report: Agent Jensen
The Von Strucker Twins


Upon receipt of the assignment from command, the team and I proceeded at all due haste to the identified location of the H.Y.D.R.A. incursion. Landing the QuinJet 1/4 mile away in a clearing, we approached the building. I took the lead, Sacha behind me to my left. Dr. Hu followed the road into the complex.
As I came upon the side of the building, I noted a single H.Y.D.R.A. agent, dressed in green, guarding the door. His back to me, he did not see me to raise the alarm right away.
I continued to the door, which is when the H.Y.D.R.A. agent turned and noted my presence. As I opened the door, he bolted away, deeper into the building. As Sacha and I entered the building, she shouted, “Federal agents! Stop where you are!” The H.Y.D.R.A. agent didn’t acknowledge, and I gave chase for several seconds, and realized I wouldn’t catch him, so I stopped and stepped to the side. Immediately after I did, a shot rang out from Sacha’s service weapon, and immediately, the H.Y.D.R.A. agent stopped and fell. The steel double doors on the far side from where he went down I closed ferrokinetically, to prevent his egress. Dr. Hu entered and proceeded to triage the H.Y.D.R.A. agent on the floor, when I felt something odd in the air. I immediately stated, “DOWN,” into the subvocal earpiece, and got as close to the ground as I could. Dr. Hu was sadly not fast enough, but the weapon that flew at him appeared to do no damage. I immediately threw a smoke grenade to offer my team more cover, which also offered more cover to the person (persons?) throwing the knife. A male voice spoke up, to my left and behind me, asking, “Do you see them, sister?” A female voice replied, “I see them, brother,” from my left and in front of me. I knew as I entered the room that there were several display cases containing antiquities, and their approximate distances from me. I did not visually note any other entities present in the room when I entered it. Moments later, they stepped out of hiding, showing themselves to be the Von Strucker twins, Andrea and Andreas. I signaled Dr. Hu to use the radio and alert HQ to the presence of the twins, and closed quickly on Andrea. I heard Sasha step behind me and approach Andreas, though I was too focused on Andrea to keep track of where Dr. Hu was. The H.Y.D.R.A. agent that was shot was incapacitated and bound, and was not a threat.
Andrea observed my approach, and as I was made aware of the twins’ dossier on the flight over, I quickly swung my sword, striking her and drawing blood. I heard Sacha attack Andreas, but again, I was focused on Andrea.
A short while into our melee, Andreas vaulted over Sacha, landing in direct contact with his sister, which allowed them to amplify their powers exponentially. A beam came from one of them which destroyed the contents of the room, along with part of the far wall, and all of our weapons and gear, to include their own clothing and weapons. It appeared that anything not alive was destroyed, and we had no cover. I resorted to hand-to-hand combat, striking Andrea repeatedly. While we were engaged with her, Dr. Hu used a weapon that had somehow survived the beam weapon to attack Andreas, and was apparently successful, as I heard a howl of pain from Andreas. Not one to brook distraction, I continued focusing on Andrea, aided by Sacha, and successfully subdued her.
When Andrea fell, her brother was noted to be angry, yelling something in a language I’m not familiar with. He was using his beam weapon to attack Dr. Hu, while Sacha and I attempted to subdue him with throws and punches. Before we were successful, Andreas seemed to abandon all concern for his safety and ran past us towards the now-gaping hole in the wall opposite. This is when I noted that Dr. Hu was down, and I ran past him to ensure that Andreas did not get away. I managed to hit Andreas in the legs, taking them out from under him and driving him into the ground. He was momentarily stunned, but rallied and took a swing at me seconds later. With the advantage, I struck him soundly in the chest, which pushed him into unconsciousness.
All H.Y.D.R.A. agents subdued, and the scene secured, I sent Agent I began to process the scene for evidence. Under the unconscious form of Andrea, I discovered a silvery pool of metal, which I lifted ferokinetically from the floor. I also discovered under what appeared to be ash a small pool of bronze and a black material. I lifted these ferokinetically as well, and continued my search. Not entirely sure what either one was at the moment, I wanted to ensure that they did not go unremarked or get left behind. During my processing, I also found a large crystalline structure, seemingly undamaged from the twins’ energy beam. Once the scene was processed, I contacted local law enforcement, telling them only what they needed to know.
Returning to the HeliCarrier, I reported the presence of all unknown substance, and the dagger Dr. Hu had discovered and used at the scene. We were given orders to secure the items and send them to The Fridge.


Adventure 1 - Field Testing
A Trial by Fire

Okay you Yankee pricks. This is your trial by fire… Don’t let me down.

Hydra has been seen in the area of New Jersey, and they seem to be heading towards the american indian heritage museum. We’ve spoken to a few specialists and there are a few artifacts held there that they could be after;

  • The Serpent Crown is currently part of a display of early ophiolatry (Snake Worship) on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • The Dagger of Qamaits, a Neolithic implement that is reputed to cut the soul while leaving the body unharmed.
  • The Forever Stone, a chip of a Cosmic Cube that although long since depowered, originally gave the Shaman a lot of external power.

We don’t have intel on which one they are going for, so you’re going to have to do your best.

Good luck. Don’t come back dead.

Issue 1:

The unlucky trio arrive at the incident site, to find a green-clad Hydra Agent guarding the only door into the building. Damocles approaches the door, while being backed up by Sacha and Stephen. The Hydra Agent turns and runs upon seeing the three SHIELD Agents.

They give chase, ending in the middle of a large antiquities exhibit, where they fight the Hydra Agent (whom they start referring to as “Bob”), with Sacha hitting him with a painful shot in the reproductive set, which takes him down long enough for them to cuff and secure him.

A malevolent male voice speaks from a darkened corner of the room and a dagger impacts Stephen (but does not penetrate his armour). The Episode draws to a close on a Cliffhanger Ending as a second voice, this time belonging to a Female speaks, and they both step forward to reveal themselves in different corners. They are Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker, AKA “Fenris”, a pair of Energy Projecting Mutants.

Cue “Foil’d By Fenris!?!” Splash Panel and obligatory Letters Page

Issue 2

The fight continues in spectacular fashion, with both of the Strucker twins treating the team as a minor annoyance. Eventually, they tire of the cat and mouse game and with an acrobatic flip, Andreas makes contact with his sister, unleashing a devastating disintegration beam, which destroys all inorganic matter in the area in front of him. unfortunately for our intrepid heroes, that includes all the cover, priceless artifacts, and their own clothing and equipment.

Newly naked and having to resort to the ancient art of beating the shit out of the enemy with your bare hands, Sasha and Dan continue to pummel away at the female twin, while Stephen takes on the male by himself. Slowly wearing the woman down, they eventually knock her unconscious, and turn their attention to Andreas, just as Stephen falls. Seeing his opportunity, Andreas tries to bolt for the open wall and the lure of freedom, unfortunately, Dan is faster, and charges past with his shoulder down, taking out the evil villains legs, and knocking him unconscious.

A quick resurgence of strength from the sneaky Andreas, who is dispatched effortlessly with a punch, and knocked into dreamland. Meanwhile, Sasha tends to Stephen’s wounds.

Back in the Helicarrier, Stephen is taken to medbay, and the other agents refresh their standard issue equipment from Q Branch, followed by a debriefing by DumDum.

Cue “Helicarrier Hijinks!” Splash Panel and obligatory Letters Page


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