Agents of BIFROST

Adventure 1 - Field Testing

A Trial by Fire

Okay you Yankee pricks. This is your trial by fire… Don’t let me down.

Hydra has been seen in the area of New Jersey, and they seem to be heading towards the american indian heritage museum. We’ve spoken to a few specialists and there are a few artifacts held there that they could be after;

  • The Serpent Crown is currently part of a display of early ophiolatry (Snake Worship) on loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • The Dagger of Qamaits, a Neolithic implement that is reputed to cut the soul while leaving the body unharmed.
  • The Forever Stone, a chip of a Cosmic Cube that although long since depowered, originally gave the Shaman a lot of external power.

We don’t have intel on which one they are going for, so you’re going to have to do your best.

Good luck. Don’t come back dead.

Issue 1:

The unlucky trio arrive at the incident site, to find a green-clad Hydra Agent guarding the only door into the building. Damocles approaches the door, while being backed up by Sacha and Stephen. The Hydra Agent turns and runs upon seeing the three SHIELD Agents.

They give chase, ending in the middle of a large antiquities exhibit, where they fight the Hydra Agent (whom they start referring to as “Bob”), with Sacha hitting him with a painful shot in the reproductive set, which takes him down long enough for them to cuff and secure him.

A malevolent male voice speaks from a darkened corner of the room and a dagger impacts Stephen (but does not penetrate his armour). The Episode draws to a close on a Cliffhanger Ending as a second voice, this time belonging to a Female speaks, and they both step forward to reveal themselves in different corners. They are Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker, AKA “Fenris”, a pair of Energy Projecting Mutants.

Cue “Foil’d By Fenris!?!” Splash Panel and obligatory Letters Page

Issue 2

The fight continues in spectacular fashion, with both of the Strucker twins treating the team as a minor annoyance. Eventually, they tire of the cat and mouse game and with an acrobatic flip, Andreas makes contact with his sister, unleashing a devastating disintegration beam, which destroys all inorganic matter in the area in front of him. unfortunately for our intrepid heroes, that includes all the cover, priceless artifacts, and their own clothing and equipment.

Newly naked and having to resort to the ancient art of beating the shit out of the enemy with your bare hands, Sasha and Dan continue to pummel away at the female twin, while Stephen takes on the male by himself. Slowly wearing the woman down, they eventually knock her unconscious, and turn their attention to Andreas, just as Stephen falls. Seeing his opportunity, Andreas tries to bolt for the open wall and the lure of freedom, unfortunately, Dan is faster, and charges past with his shoulder down, taking out the evil villains legs, and knocking him unconscious.

A quick resurgence of strength from the sneaky Andreas, who is dispatched effortlessly with a punch, and knocked into dreamland. Meanwhile, Sasha tends to Stephen’s wounds.

Back in the Helicarrier, Stephen is taken to medbay, and the other agents refresh their standard issue equipment from Q Branch, followed by a debriefing by DumDum.

Cue “Helicarrier Hijinks!” Splash Panel and obligatory Letters Page


That’s how I remember it…now to figure out how I’m going to contribute to my team’s successful take-down of the twins…I’ve got about 2.3 milliseconds before they start doing something not fun…

Adventure 1 - Field Testing
JayJay JayJay

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