Agents of BIFROST

Awakening, and Cheating Death

Mission Report: 2016-06-22


During our investigation of Remy’s packaging, my vision began to fall in on itself, and the world went black. I suddenly found myself sitting in a chair in a room I’d already searched on the same floor, and quickly determined it to be Thor’s room. Agent Lugoska greeted Remy and me, and asked if we were done with our naps. She was carrying the Ebony Blade, which we had already determined, prior to our altercation with the automaton, was sapient.

Immediately upon regaining motor function, I ordered her to give me the sword, and exited the room. My single-minded goal at that moment was to save as many lives as I could on this floor, and to do that, I needed to destroy Mainframe, the computer system in another room.

The Ebony Blade had intimated in our previous interaction that it was able to assist me with just that goal, and I asked it telepathically to assist me now. It declined at first, saying, “I won’t work for you, unless you agree that your previous arrangement is null.” I had told it that I would not be controlled by it, and that it would not be controlled by me. With this arrangement off the table, I was suddenly and significantly more confident in my abilities to fight and defend those persons in my charge.

To that end, I entered the server room, only to be greeted by an automaton. I am unaware if it was the same one, or another. Mainframe’s only response was, “Don’t make me do this again.” I was almost immediately struck in the arm by an energy beam from what appeared to be an arc reactor in the automaton’s chest, which did considerable damage. Within 2 seconds, faster than I’ve ever been, I lashed out with the Ebony Blade, dealing tremendous damage to the server cluster, which reduced it to a puddle of metal and circuit boards that were now destroyed. This apparently had the effect of ending the automaton’s movement, as it stopped attacking me in that moment.

Moments later, both Agent Lugoska and Remy entered the room, and at that time, I noted a small glass cylinder in the wall behind the now-still automaton. Contained within the cylinder was a pink crystal formation, strongly resembling Terragen crystal. Knowing what Terragen was, I was able to confirm mentally that this could be Terragen, but I’d not seen the pink variety before. Remy attempted to remove the cylinder from its mount, but was unsuccessful, and was rebuffed by Agent Lugoska, who inspected the container more closely. She discovered two protrusions that resembled buttons, one of which had what appeared to be etching in random placement on it. She initially thought to use her fingerprint powder and brush to determine which button had been pressed previously. Fumbling the equipment, I stepped in and brushed the material across the buttons, discovering a fingerprint on the unmarred button. Remy suggested that she press the one with the marks on it, where I suggested that she press the one without marks, but containing fingerprints. I left her to make the decision, and she pressed the unmarked, but fingerprinted, button. The crystal immediately fell through a newly-opened hole below it. In her efforts to return the crystal to the cylinder, Agent Lugoska pressed the second button with the etching, but was unsuccessful. The effects of the secondary button press are unknown, but I had the idea that the secondary button would vaporize the contents of the cylinder. Under this assumption, after I voiced it, Remy postulated that environmental controls might be able to prevent the spread of the Terragen gas, which would turn any human with Inhuman DNA, and kill everyone else.

Agent Lugoska noted aloud that she had found something that could have been environmental controls in the wall of a room she entered when Miguel and the automaton were fighting. Leading us there, she pointed it out and Remy, who claimed systems usage experience, stepped up and attempted to identify what each of the various controls did on the machinery presented. Upon failing to determine with confidence the meaning of any of the buttons, he simply pressed one of them. I almost immediately heard a hissing sound in the corridor outside the room. Assuming the worst, I thought that he had inadvertently released some form of poisonous gas, so I ordered the both of them out on the spot, telling them to run for the hole through which Remy and Miguel had entered, being the exterior wall of the building and a source of oxygen.

We made it approximately a third of the way before I noticed that the gas was touching my ankles, and it was in that moment that I fell unconscious.

[ — END SITREP — ]


JayJay Aakesh

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