Agents of BIFROST

Alchemax & Shrinkage

Mission Status Report: 8 June 2016

SITREP 8 June 2016

Remy and I proceeded in our plan to assist Miguel in acquiring the Avengers artifacts from the possession of the corporation he is employed by. They obtained the items when they claimed the building. Remy went with Miguel up the outside of the building, while I teleported floor by floor from Miguel’s apartment up to the 150th floor.

Upon my arrival, the lights were off, and there was very little in the way of light, as there were no windows present. Moments after my arrival, Miguel and Remy came through a newly-formed hole in the wall, which allowed some external light into the room I arrived into. We discovered that the room was decorated much as it would have been in the 1980’s, with posters of Ant Man and other items located in the room. One wall was decorated with shelves containing what appeared to be models of various vehicles. Upon cursory search, we located the belt of “shrinking” pods (there was a name for these I don’t recall).

We exited the room, and proceeded immediately to the left, opening the door to a room which turned out to be empty, though it was painted red and had mirrors on all the walls.

Exiting that room, we proceeded further down the hall, only to witness a plasma bolt destroying part of the wall in front of us. Immediately after that, we heard Dr. Hu’s voice coming from the room behind the now-breached wall. I entered the room he was in via the door I assumed would lead me to it, and confirmed his health and safety before proceeding to look for the remaining member of our party. Cursory visual inspection of the room revealed a full suit of very dark armor, and a long sword. I heard a voice whisper to me, “I can help,” but I ignored it, as it did not sound familiar, and did not seem to me to need assistance. It also did not pose an immediate threat, in my mind.

Departing that room, we proceeded into the next one to the left, and upon entry, discovered that the missing member of our party was contained within a glass enclosure. She was still bound to a very large pillar by spiderweb, but we proceeded to attempt her release. We broke the glass case containing her, but I was forced to utilize all the strength I had to stop the pillar from crushing her. It was then that I discovered one of Remy’s special abilities – he instilled more strength in me somehow, by “cheering” me on. It was irritating, but useful. Without it, I fear that our Agent companion may have perished. I was able to turn the pillar 90 degrees and set it down, thus preventing the Agent’s death by crushing. We made several attempts at cutting the web, but were unsuccessful. The whispering voice told me again that it was able to help, but I dismissed it as my imagination.

Searching this room, we discovered Captain America’s uniform, including his shield. It was, however, not his actual uniform. The differences were subtle, but I noted them. Claiming the shield, we then departed that room, and proceeded across the hall. Remy went to the previous room, and handled the armor and sword. I followed him when I heard the glass break, and instructed him to return the armor and helm to the mannequin in the case.

Entering the room, we find a bed and a weight set with a bench. Determining that this room most likely belonged to Thor, we searched for any evidence to lend credence to this idea. I discovered nothing in my endeavor, though Remy was able to locate what appeared to be a secret panel on the bottom of the bed. Opening the panel, Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir falls from the panel and travels through the floor, landing resoundingly on the floor below. Choosing to move on in the interest of time saving, we departed the room and moved on to the door immediately to the left.

Opening the door, we discovered a very large server room, and a disembodied voice told us his name was Mainframe, who then asked us to kill him. Requesting more information, it was determined that he was employed by the owner of the corporation Alchemax, Tiberius Stone. As I am not in the business of killing seemingly innocent entities, and there was no way to determine beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mainframe had not been programmed to ask anyone coming across him to kill him, I ordered Remy out of the room an closed the door.

Moments later, a loud sound was heard, and a door at the end of the hall we had yet to search opened upon a large automaton. The voice coming from it was identical to Mainframe’s, when he said, “I tried to warn you.” Remy began to talk to him from directly behind me, in what appeared to be an attempt to dissuade the looming attack, and was rewarded by my unconscious body striking him at high speed as I bore the brunt of a brutal attack from the Mainframe automaton.

As I lost consciousness, I am unaware how I became miniaturized and sealed into a plastic package of some sort, but I immediately teleported out of the packaging. I discovered quickly that nearly all of my equipment had been removed from my person, and that Remy was also trapped in a plastic package. Unable to teleport, he was not capable of escaping on his own. I noted that there were many other heroes captured in these packages, and given that I had been miniaturized and packaged, I thought it conceivable that they could have been as well. Discovering that Heracles (also known to my people as Hercules) was captured in a package, I proceeded to release him by tearing off the back of the packaging. He and I released several of the others captured, many of whom had unfortunately perished in captivity. The survivors included Thor, Lady Sif, and X-23.

The five of us returned to Remy’s packaging and released him, and Remy immediately noted that there had been a black puddle on the shelf before his package. Lifting the packaging, we did not discover any evidence of said puddle. Remy also noted that the name on the box did not match his, while the box I was trapped in had my correct name.



JayJay Aakesh

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