Damocles "Dan" Jensen

Junior Agent Dan Jensen


“Damocles Jensen”

Link To Character Sheet: HERE.


Dan Jensen doesn’t talk too much; words have weight, and actions speak louder anyway. He’s approximately 6’3", athletic build reminiscent of Thor, though not quite so solidly built, not that anyone notices anything once they see the metallic skin he can’t hide. His eyes are a striking blue, grabbing the attention of anyone who happens to look past the metallic skin.

His personal moral code is strictly held. He will absolutely not attack anyone who is not aware of him. Not only is it unsporting, it’s unfair. Defeat will come in at least a one-side-fair fight. He will defend the defenseless, taking every step to ensure that members of the public are safe from the depredations of criminals, to the best of his ability. This has been tested, and will be tested again. This will very likely be used against him, but that is the price an agent of SHIELD must pay for justice.

Damocles "Dan" Jensen

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