Laura Character Notes

A page for you to make any notes, ask any questions, and work on concepts with me.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

You are (eventually) going to be a NuHuman. Your specific Terrigenesis will result in prehensile hair, usable for a number of functions.

You can either choose:

  • No hair-related superpowers, at Character Generation, focusing instead upon fleshing out a trained agent and person.
  • Basic hair-related superpowers, (which would come under “Extra Limbs” with the Advangage “Inherent” (total 6 points))

Personally as Ref and Marvel Aficionado, I would prefer the first option, simply because Terrigenesis is supposed to completely change you. It specifically does not augment existing abilities

However, if you are a Mutant, not a NuHuman, your primary mutation would have developed at puberty, a couple of years before you would likely have gone into the SHIELD Academy. You would then be spending XP to “refine” youor power (add abilities), or undergoing a “secondary” mutation (see Emma Frost and her Diamond Form).

Laura Character Notes

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