The arm-mounted SDC13g Personal Computer System is a cornerstone of SHIELDs Intelligence network. Able to download from SHIELDS Secure Servers information on almost any topic from “Aardvarks” to “Zzax the Electrical Man” in seconds through standard wifi access points, the SDC13g will enable you to commit to research in the field as well as make you sound like an expert on almost any topic.

The touch-sensitive screen is simultaneously impact, pressure, energy, fire and water resistant, and yet is delicate enough to be operated with a gentle touch. Never leave the office without your SCD13g. Most agents wear the unit on the same arm as their Chronograph, as the habit of “checking their watch” can be used to surreptitiously view the screen.

Game Statistics

Variable Power Pool (8 points of abilities)
Control Cost (2)

Obvious Inaccessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a Wrist Computer).
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).
Pool can only be used for Intelligence/Background/Knowledge Skills
Takes 1 Phase (1 Second) to change Skills (Download from internet)
No Skill Roll Required to change Skills (As long as there is internet, you can change out the skill package)
Internet (or at least Wi-Fi) Access Required to Change Skills

Although the SCD13g is useful to all agents, as the skills downloaded are usually based on an Intelligence roll, it is obviously more useful the higher your intelligence.

The pool value will enable you to ‘download’ 1 skill at Intelligence + 5. Alternatively, up to 2x skills at Intelligence + 1. Or up to 4 skills with an 11- chance.


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