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Secondary Characteristics

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Due to the system “rounding off” instead of “up” or “down”, Certain attributes are more points-friendly than others. For Strength, Constitution, Body, Intelligence, Ego and Presence, an attribute that ends in 3 or 8 is almost as good as 5 or 10, respectively. (Skill rolls are based on (Stat/5) + 9 – So INT-based Skills for someone of INT 13 would be (13/5 = 2.5 (rounded to the nearest (3)) plus 9, for a total of 12 or less. Exactly the same roll as if they had an INT of 15. Other (secondary) effects may not apply as accurately (such as Str-based Damage) but they are the exceptions.

With Dexterity, because it also controls OCV (to Hit) and DCV (Armour Class), its more complex. DEX-based skills still DEX/5, but CVs are DEX/3. There is no “Clean” calculation for optimal results, as the two factors rarely balance. The best Number, however is an “Olympic level” 23 (counts as 25 for skills, and 24 for CVs).

Speaking of Relevant Numbers – “Normal” humans have primary attributes of approximately 8. Skilled humans are about 10. Exceptional humans between 13 and 15. Reaching to 20 is considered “Normal Human Maximum”. Captain America rises above those on his physical attributes, however. As an option, Players are able to take “Normal Characteristic Maxima” (and indeed it is recommended) as one of their Disadvantages (it is worth 20 points), which means when they hit Maximum “Normal” Attributes, anything above that costs double. If you’re not going to be “superhuman” is a worthy balance.

Primary Characteristics

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