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A page for you to make any notes, ask any questions, and work on concepts with me.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

Your Sword: I was thinking something like a Medieval Longsword, with a Razor Edge.

This would stat up as:
1d6 + 1 HKA (Hand to Hand Killing Attack), Armour Piercing, Reduced Endurance (0 End) (40 Active Points), OAF, IND, Real Weapon, Str Min 12 (8 Real Points)

1d6 + 1 KA is a standard Longsword. Adding Armour Piercing, gives it an advantage over most weapons of equal damage. (Protection values are halved, unless the Defence is bought with the Hardened advantage (something most armour doesn’t bother with)). The Reduced Endurance means that you only spend endurance for the Strength you use to swing the sword (see below), not the Sword itself. OAF is an Obvious, Accessible Focus (Accessible, because it can be Disarmed). IND is Independent – the power is in the Sword. Real Weapon, means you have to take care of it, and environmental effects can harm it. And Strength Min of 12 is “normal” for a Longsword (You can wield it in 2 hands to reduce the required Strength to 9).

Adding Strength to “normal weapons”:
Weapons bought as powers (such as the sword, above) allow you to add strength to the basic damage. each 5 points of strength equates to one “Damage Class” (DC) of Damage, which is worked out as follows:

  • “Normal” Damage (that which is resisted with non-resistant defenses AND resistant defenses) works out at 1d6 per DC. (a baseball bat that does 3d6 “Normal” damage, would inflict 5d6 in the hands of someone with 10 Strength).
  • “Killing” Damage (that which is resisted only by resistant defenses) is more expensive, requiring 3 DC per 1d6. However, just like the power “Killing Attack” you can “apply/buy” less than a dice. 1 DC past the full die, is ‘+ 1’, 2 DC is either ‘½d6’ or 1d6 – 1 (better maximum, but chance of getting 0 additional damage), and then the full ‘d6’. – To better explain – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 “points” of Killing Attack would look like this: “1pip”, “1/2d6”, “1d6”, “1d6 + 1”, 1½d6", “2d6”.

In both cases, you can only add as many DC as are already in the weapon (to a total of double the damage) maximum.
With the sword being a base of “1d6+1”, that means you can add up to 4 DC to the weapon (assuming you have Str 20) = which would give you ‘2½d6’ K Damage. Your Standard Issue Pistol is ‘2d6 – 1’.


Added to EC:

1 – Ferroprotection: +4 DCV, Only Vs Metal Objects/Attacks, Not in Water.

Rob Character Notes

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