Agent Augmentation


Q-Branch has taken the lessons learned from the Sentinel Mecha program and applied them to several decommissioned suits of Starktech Mandroid Battle Armour, to enhance the functionality of the suit against superpowered foes. Officially called the Mandroid Enhanced Combat Hardsuit for Augmentation of Normal Operators or “MECHANO”, they have come to be known by the affectionate name that the Agents assigned to their use have called them; the ‘CapeKiller’. So far these suits have seen combat in the field only once, during the Superhuman Civil War, when they were used to apprehend rogue superhumans who refused to comply with the Superhuman Registration Act. It has become standard procedure for a handful of these suits to be assigned to each active Helicarrier, in case of emergencies. This includes Helicarrier “Bifrost”, which holds 4 complete 4-man MECHANO Teams.

11 EC: Suit Defenses (OIF, IND)
0 Armour Plating 13 / 13 Armour
0 Internal Padding 50% Resistant Physical Damage Reduction
0 Internal Energy Compensation 50% Resistant Energy Damage Reduction
0 Mental Protection Circuitry 50% Resistant Mental Damage Reduction
0 Sealed Environment Life Support: Self Contained Breathing, All Poisons, Chemical/Biowarfare, Diseases, Safe Environments
9 EC: Suits Physical Enhancements (OIF, IND)
0 Muscle Augmentation Servo’s: + 30 Strength (and + 6 PD, + 6 Recovery, + 15 Stun, + 6" Leaping)
0 Reaction Enhancement System: + 10 Dexterity (and + 1 Speed)
0 Pilot Protection Systems: + 15 Constitution (and +3 ED, +3 Recovery, + 30 Endurance, + 8 Stun
0 Pilot Protection Systems: + 15 Body (and + 15 Stun)
0 Imposing Profile: + 30 Presence
0 Tireless Pilot: + 60 Endurance
0 Internal Cushioning: + 30 Stun
Total Attribute Modifiers (While Suited)
Strength + 30
Dexterity + 10
Constitution + 15
Body + 15
Presence + 30
Physical Def (PD) + 6
Energy Def (ED) + 3
Speed + 1
Recovery + 9
Endurance + 90
Stun + 68
Running: x2
Swimming : 15"
Flying: 15”
Leaping: + 6"
13 Movement Modes (Multipower: all OIF, IND)
1u (13) Boot Jets: Flight: 15”, x4 NCM, Use as Swimming, 1 Hour Continuing Fuel Charge (Jet Fuel)
1u (13) Leg Enhancement: +20” Running, Extra Inches Cannot Exceed Wearers Own Running, ½ End, 1e/Ph
30 Offensive Weapons Array (Multipower: all OIF, IND, RW)
3u (29) SPIN-Tech Gauntlet: 7d6 Suppress vs All Powers (Of One SFX) (105A), 1 Minute Continuing Charge, Limited Range: 20”, 8 Charges 1
3u (30) Micro Missile Rack: 3d6 RKA, AE (1 Hex), AF, 40 Charges 2
3u (29) Neuro Stunner: 7d6 NND EB, ½ End, 20” Range, (Defense is No Mind or rMD ), Continuous, 11e/Ph 3
2u (18) Offensive Beam: 3d6-1 RKA, Variable SFX (Any), 20” Range, ½ End, 4e/Ph 4
2u (21) CaptureNet: 7d6 Def 7 Entangle, AE (1 Hex), 8 Charges (Recoverable) 5
3u (27) Tractor Beam: Strength 60 TK, 20” Range, ½ End, Telekinesis Affects Whole Object, 6e/Ph 6
2u (16) Wrist Blade: 2d6 HKA (4d6w Str), 0 End, Armour Piercing, 0e/Ph
7 EC: Sensory Enhancements (OIF, IND)
0 Power Detector: Detect Superhuman Powers, Ranged, Discriminatory
0 Enhancement Circuitry: +5 to all PER Rolls
0 Thermographics: Infrared Vision, Disc, Tracking
0 Polarisation: Night Vision & 10pts Flash Defence
0 Magnifier: +10 Telescopic For Sight Group
0 Magnifier: x1000 Microscopic For Sight Group
1 Comms System: Mindlink, Any 4 Minds, Only Others with Tech Mind Link, Flashed as Radio & Hearing Group, Any Distance, No LOS Needed
9 EC: AudioVisual Systems
0 Wrist Light: Images to Sight, 16” Cone, +4 PER, Only To Create Light, No Range, 2e/Ph
0 Megaphone: Images to Hearing, 1”, +6 PER, ½ End, Only Amplifies What Suit Wearer Says, No Range, 1e/Ph
Power Systems
4 Battery: End Reserve: 160 (Electrical Powers Only)
3 Battery Re-charger: Reserve Recovery: Returns 12 Endurance/Turn
1 Chronometer: Absolute Time Sense
1 Compass: Bump Of Direction
1 Radiation Detector: Sense Radiation, Discriminatory
1 Steer By Wire System: 2 Levels With Flight
1 Temperature Gauge: Absolute Temperature Sense
4 CAPE: Computerised Auto-Pilot Enhancement
15 DF: Capekiller Armour (Not Concealable, Causes Major Reaction (but only to Superpowered Individuals))
10 Phys: No Hands (All the Time, Slightly Limiting)

1SPIN is an acronym based upon ‘SuperPower INhibitor’, and once hit with a dart, a target starts to slowly lose all powers of a specific special effect (such as Mutant Powers, Magical Powers, Technological Powers, etc), the effects build for 1 minute, and then fade once more.
2 – The Micromissile Rack is a chest mounted mini-missile launcher, capable of firing either a single projectile or a volley of up to 5 at a time. These missiles are best used against groups of low-powered Supers.
3 – An advanced energy beam, capable of rendering most targets unconscious within seconds. The beam strikes the target and unless they have extreme mental defenses (or are not alive), they will start to lose consciousness
4 – An offshoot of Unibeam technology, which can be fine-tuned to energy signatures that the target has displayed a weakness to. Any signature can be created, even esoteric ones such as “silver” energy to maximize versatility.
5 – A strong metallic weave net, laced with traces of Uru and Vibranium to make it almost unbreakable, the CaptureNet can be fired at a target hex to immobilize and restrain a target safely. Used nets can be recovered.
6 – The Tractor beam built into the recommissioned Mandroid Armour which now serves as the CapeKiller Battlesuit is capable of lifting and manipulating a weight of up to 100 tons with ease. However, when manipulating objects, an equal pressure is applied to all parts of the object, so, for example, keys cannot be pressed, triggers cannot be pulled, and switches activated. Large metal sticks however STILL make good clubs.

Computerised Auto Pilot Enhancement
Val Attribute Cost
15 Dexterity 15
10 Intelligence 0
10- Ego 0
4 Speed 15
Cost Skill/Ability Roll/Level
2 L: English, With Accent 2
3 Combat Piloting (MECHANO Suit) 12-
2 KS: Flight Protocols 11-
3 Navigation: Air and Sea 11-
3 Systems Operation 11-
1 TF: Submersible Operations -
Val Disadvantage
10 Psych: Protect Innocents, (Common, Moderate
10 Psych: Must Protect Occupant, Uncommon, Strong
20 Psych: Must Obey Occupant, Common, Total


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