ODINs Knowledgeable Birds


The RAVEN (Robotic Aeriel Vehicle for Escort and Navigation) Drone is a groundbreaking jet-powered sensor package given form, and one of Q-Branch’s crowning achievements.

Each Drone (which is barely larger than a competition-sized kite), is equipped with the following:

  • Propulsion System: A micro-miniturised Jet propulsion system is installed on all RAVENs, providing a multi-mode ability of movement. At its base function, the RAVEN can fly at 33kph with full mobility, rising to 269kph (limited maneuverability) in case of emergencies. The RAVEN can also use its propulsion system underwater to maintain these same speeds. Finally, it can activate its Overburner and hit straight-line speeds of up to MACH 3.88 (4,800kph)
  • Electronic Countermeasures: The RAVEN is shielded from most Electronic Warfare systems.
  • Nano Reactor: Built into the body of the RAVEN is a tiny (golf-ball sized) nuclear reactor capable of powering the drone indefinitely.
  • Comms System: The inbuilt Comms System is capable of being encrypted with 128-bit encryption, and can receive all recognised broadcast frequency transmissions (Including TV and Radio).
  • System Link: A Satellite-linked communications system enabling the RAVEN to stay in contact with ODIN is built into the contours of the RAVENs design. This linkage can be jammed by Radio dead-spots and the like but is re-established immediately upon leaving such an area.
  • Sensory Recording hard Drive: In case of the afore-mentioned Radio dead-spots, RAVENs come equipped with a Black Box which records all of their sensory data. This enables ODIN to have the missing sections uploaded as soon as a link is re-established.
  • Optical Enhancement Systems: Like ODIN, the RAVEN has visual imaging technology that works into the Infrared, and Ultraviolet wavelengths. It can also use magnification technology to enhance the images it captures.
  • Audio Enhancement Systems: Again like ODIN, the RAVEN also has an Auditory range that extends from Ultra Low Frequency all the way up to Ultrasonic Frequencies. It can also magnify any chosen audio component and locate it in its surroundings
  • Radiowave Sensor Systems: Again, like ODIN, the RAVEN has a highly complex and precise Radiowave analysis system. The RAVENs radar is capable of picking up at 16km what the standard Sentinel Radar can pick up at 1km It can also locate Radiowave sources via triangulation, and determine exact distances to targeted objects.
  • Tracking Bug Launcher: If ODIN wishes to discretely tail a target with something even more subtle, the RAVEN comes equipped with a device to launch an adhesive tracking bug onto a target. Such a bug gives off a modulated frequency on a specific waveband, which enables anyone with a properly tuned receiver to track the target at a range of over 3 kilometers, with an accuracy of under 4 meters to target.
  • Radar Absorbent Coating and Shape: The material used in the RAVENs construction, along with the angles that form it’s design have a remarkable effect on enemy radar. If the RAVEN is not directly observed, the Radar Operator may mistake it for a small bird, or other harmless reading, as the reading is incredibly reduced compared to a normal drone of its size.
Val Characteristic Notes
0 Size 1 m Long, 1.6 m Wide, Mass: 30 kilograms
10 Strength Able to lift 100 kilograms
24 Dexterity Base DCV: 8
10 Body
7 Def
4 Speed Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
55 Jet Movement Multipower 1 Continuing Fuel Charge for all Slots (easily-obtained fuel; 6 Hours; -0)
2u (20) Manoeuvrable Micro Jet: 7” Flight, x2 NCM, No Turn Mode (+¼)
6u (55) Fast Micro Jet: 28” Flight, x4 NCM, Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼)
1u (4) Mach Speed Flight: 2” Flight, MS 1”=1km (+¼), Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼)
1u (10) Aquatic Adaption: 7” Swimming, x2 NCM, No Turn Mode (+¼),
3u (30) Aquatic Adaption: 28” Swimming, x4 NCM, Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼)
-12 No Legs: -6” Running
5 ECM Systems: 5 Points Radio Group Flash Defense
5 ECM Systems: 7 Points Power Defense, Only Vs “Electronic Warfare” Special Effects (-½)
20 Nano Reactor: 50/50 Endurance Reserve/Recovery, OIF Bulky, Only Powers Electrical Devices (-1)
8 Communications: Detect Broadcast Spectrum Transmission, Transmit, Tracking, Passive, 17-, OIF, Affected as Sight/Hearing as well as Radio
7 System Link: Mind Link to ODIN, No LOS Needed, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); IIF (-¼) Affected As Radio Group, Not Mental Group (-¼), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), ODIN Must Have Radio-based Mind Link (-1) (1e/Phase)
10 Basic Optical Package: Normal Sight, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
2 Thermal Imaging System: Infrared Perception (Sight Group), (Range, Sense, Targeting; Passive), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
10 Optical Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Sight Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Optical Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Sight Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
3 Optical Nightvision System: +4 Sight based PER, Only Counteracts Darkness penalties (-½), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
10 Basic Audio Package: Normal Hearing, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
10 Auditory Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Hearing Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
2 Auditory Frequency Enhancements: Ultrasonic and Subsonic Perception, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Auditory Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Hearing Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
8 Auditory Triangulation System: Targeting for Hearing Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
10 Radiowave Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Radio, OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Radiowave Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Radio Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
5 Radiowave Tracking System: Tracking for Radio Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
8 Radiowave Triangulation System: Targeting for Radio Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
4 Wifi Imaging System: (N-Ray Visions, Radio Group), (Range, Sense; Passive), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
4 Motion Scanner: Sense Moving Person/Object (Radio Group), OIF Bulky (-1), (Sense, Range; Passive) (-½) (1e/Phase)
1 Rangefinder: Absolute Range Sense, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1)
60 Onboard Computer System: See Below
3 Sensory Recording Hard Drive: Advanced Eidetic Memory; (+10 to INT Rolls, Only To Recall Memorized/Perceived Information (-2), OIF
29 Tracking Bug Launcher: Images to Radio Group, +4 to PER Rolls, Usable As Attack (allows character to “stick” the Image to a target; +1), 1 Continuing Recoverable Charge lasting 1 Week (stops functioning if it gets wet or experiences severe radio interference; +1) (76 Active Points); IIF (-¼), Set Effect (detectable signal; -1), Image Only Perceivable On Special Radio Frequencies (-0)
12 Radar Absorbent Stealth System: 1” Change Environment (-8 to Radar Sense Perception Rolls), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); No Range (-½), Self Only (-½)
10 Disadvantage: Distinctive Feature: Bird-Shaped Drone, Concealable WME, Noticed and Recognisable


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