Sentinel Class Mecha - Front-line Operational Response Systems for Espionage and Terrorism Intervention


After the runaway success on the battlefield of their first production model (TYR), SHIELD Technical Division, along with the Combat Division worked on a version of the Sentinel Series that was not designed primarily for battlefield use.

The Front-line Operational Response Systems for Espionage and Terrorism Intervention unit was developed to assist law enforcement officers in various situations, not limited to Hostage Negotiation, and Terrorism Response.

In addition to the standard abilities possessed by all Sentinel models, FORSETI possesses the following key features:

  • Emergency Services Lights and Sirens: FORSETI’s programmable emergency lights and sirens can replicate the light pattern and siren noise of any emergency service in the world.
  • Public Address Megaphone and Speaker: This handy tool allows the pilot to make himself heard at around 8x the distance his voice would normally carry.
  • Spotlight: Capable of lighting up an area approximately one meter radius.
  • M1919A4 7.62mm Machine Gun: Mounted on FORSETI’s right arm is this Browning-made machine gun, which is capable of firing over 200 Rounds a minute and is loaded with 500 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition.
  • Mk19 Grenade Launcher Mounted on FORSETI’s left arm is a belt-fed grenade launcher converted single-shot magazine use. The Grenade Launcher can fire standard Fragmentation as well as Concussive force, Flashbang, Smoke, Tear-Gas and the M397A1 Airburst grenade, which bounces up to detonate at head height.
  • Reinforced Armour Plating: FORSETI is capable of resisting the damage from up to 7.62mm ammunition with no discernable damage to its systems.
  • Riot Shield Generator: A projector in FORSETI’s left arm allows it to create a wall of shimmering energy up to 4m wide by 4m tall. This field is capable of repelling most small calibre fire without difficulty and can be used to provide safety for the Mecha, or nearby civillian, military or emergency service personnel.
  • 40m Cable Winch: Mounted in FORSETI’s Torso, just underneath the cockpit is a winch capable of applying 100 tons of force to a captured object – either to free it from a hazardous situation, or to pull part of it off (such as to gain access to a compound by pulling down the wall.
  • Secondary Adamantium Battering Ram One of the benefits of working for SHIELD is the access to unusual materials, and that has proven especially useful in creating this incredibly dense and near-invulnerable battering ram. Mounted on the right arm, the ram is capable of applying over 200 tons of pressure to a small area in a single strike.

The AI aboard this Mecha is modeled on a Police Officer, and dislikes anything that puts innocent lives at risk. FORSETI will always attempt to work to find the solution which will save the greatest number of innocent lives. FORSETI forms a close bond to it’s assigned pilot and will listen to his instructions, and proceed accordingly.

Val Characteristic Notes
5 Size 6.1 m Tall, 1.6 m Wide, Mass: 3.2 Tons
60* Strength Able to lift 100 Tons
18 Dexterity Base DCV: 6 (3 + CSLs)
20 Body
10 Def
4 Speed Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
4 Humanoform Construction: Extra Limbs (2 Arms, 2 Legs), Limited Manipulation (-¼)
23 Sentinel Movement Multipower
1u (10) Long Legs: + 6” Running (12” Total) x2 NCM, No Turn Mode (+¼), Costs Endurance (-½) (2e/Phase)
1u (12) Jet Assisted Leap: 15” Leaping (15” Total) No NCM, (2e/Phase)
2u (23) Jet-Propelled Flight: 20” Flight, x4 NCM, Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼), Side Effects (1d6K, 4” Line Behind Sentinel, Automatically Occurs, Only Affects Environment) (-¾) (Up to 48/192 kph), (8e/Phase)
45 Big Hands and Feet: Area Effect:1 Hex (+ ½) Advantage on 60 Strength, Reduced Endurance (0 End) (Doesn’t Reduce STR End Cost) (+ ½)
15 ECM Systems: 15 Points Radio Group Flash Defense
15 ECM Systems: 23 Points Power Defense, Only Vs “Electronic Warfare” Special Effects
10 Emergency Lights and Sirens: Sight and Hearing Group Images, + 4 to PER Rolls, 1” Radius, Reduced Endurance (½ END; + ¼); OAF Bulky (-1½), No Range (-½), Set Effect (-1) (2e/Phase)
7 PA System: Hearing Group Images, +4 to PER Rolls, 1” Radius, Reduced Endurance (½ END; + ¼); OAF Bulky (-1½), No Range (-½), Set Effect (only amplifies what’s said into it; -1) (1e/Phase)
7 Spotlight: Sight Group Images, +5 to PER Rolls, 1” Radius, Reduced Endurance (½ END; + ¼), Limited Range (20”; -¼), Only To Create Light (-1), OAF Bulky (-1½) (1e/Phase)
31 Arm Mounted M1919A4 7.62mm Machine Gun: 2d6 + 1 RKA, + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ ½), Autofire (5 shots; + ½), 500 Charges (+ 1); OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼)
51 Arm Mounted Mk19 40mm Grenade Launcher:
5u (49) Fragmentation Grenade: 2½d6 RKA, Explosive (+ ½), Indirect (+ ¼), + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ ½), 50 Charges (+ ½), OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼)
5u (50) Concussion Grenade: 10d6EB, Explosive (+ ½), Indirect (+ ¼), 50 Charges (+½), OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼)
5u (51) M397A1 Airburst Grenade: 2½d6 RKA (with + 2 Penalty CSL VS “High Shot” Penalty), Indirect (+ ¼), Explosive (+ ½), + 1 Stun Multiplier (+ ½), 25 Charges (+ ¼), OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼)
5u (49) Stun (Flashbang) Grenade: Energy Blast 4d6, NND (defense is any amount of rPD covering the whole Head; + 1), 25 Charges (+ ¼), Indirect (+ ¼), Explosion (+ ½); OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼), Plus Sight and Hearing Group Flash 4d6, 25 Charges (+ ¼), Indirect (+ ¼), Explosion (+ ½); OIF Bulky (-1), Linked (-½), Real Weapon (-¼).
2u (20) Smoke Grenade: 8” Change Environment (Create Smoke), -3 to Sight Group PER Rolls, Indirect (+ ¼), 50 Charges (+½); OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼),
4u (40) Tear Gas Grenade: Sight Group Flash 8d6, Explosion (+ ½), Indirect (+ ¼), 50 Charges (+ ½); OIF Bulky (-1), Real Weapon (-¼)
17 Riot Shield Generator: (upto 2” Wide, 2” Tall) Force Wall, 9rPD/9rED, Reduced Endurance (½ END; + ¼), Limited Range (2”; -¼), OIF Bulky (-1) Lockout (Cannot Use Machine Gun while using Shield) (-1) (E:4)
12 Additional Armour Plating: +4 DEF (13 DEF Total)
7 Negotiation Assistance Protocols: + 3 With Conversation, Persuasion, and Interrogation, Useable by Other (Pilot) (+ ¼), Costs Endurance (-½) (1e/Phase)
3 Sensory Recording Hard Drive: Advanced Eidetic Memory; (+ 10 to INT Rolls, Only To Recall Memorized/Perceived Information (-2), OIF
42 Multipower: Building Breaching Tools
4u (42) Torso Winch: Stretching 20”, Reduced Endurance (½ END; + ¼), OIF Bulky, (-1), Always Direct (-¼), No Noncombat Stretching (-¼), Cannot Do Damage (-½) (6e/Phase)
3u (33) Pneumatic Battering Ram: + 12d6 HA, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼); H2HA (-½), Extra Time (Delayed Phase) (-¼), Gestures (-¼), OIF Bulky (-1): Linked to 2” Stretching, Reduced Endurance (0 END; + ½); Only for Battering Ram (-1), OIF Bulky (-1) (3e/Phase)
51 Mini-Nuclear Reactor: 150/150 Endurance Reserve/Recovery, OAF, Immobile, Only Powers Electrical Devices
8 Communications: Detect Broadcast Spectrum Transmission, Transmit, Tracking, Passive, 17-, OIF, Affected as Sight/Hearing, Costs End (2e/Phase)
5 Communications Scrambler System: VPP (4pts) + Control (2pts), 0 Phase, No Skill Roll, OIF, Languages Only, Only 1 Language at a Time.
20 Sealed Environment: Self Contained Breathing, Safe Environments: Intense Heat and Cold, High Pressure and Low Pressure/Vacuum
6 Ejector Seat (Pilot): STR 26 Telekinesis, Affects Whole Object, No Range, Only To Throw Straight Up, 1 Recoverable Charge OIF
67 Onboard Computer System: FORSETI
7 Radar: Radar (Radio Group), Concealed (-5 to PER Rolls), OIF Bulky, Affected as Sight/Radio Groups, Costs End (2e/Phase)
8 Fly-By-Wire System – Movement: + 3 to Combat Driving and Combat Pilot, Costs End (1e/Phase)
6 Fly-By-Wire System – Reaction: + 3 DCV (Only to Offset Size-based DCV Penalty) (-1), Costs End (1e/Phase)
12 Targeting Systems: + 4 OCV With Ranged Combat with Sentinel Weaponry, Costs End (1e/Phase)
25 DF: Sentinel, Not Concealable, Causes Extreme Reaction: Fear
35 Dependence (On Coolant System), Easy to Obtain, Activation Roll (14- at 40%) -1 per 5%.
10 Reputation: Killer Robot, 11-
* Strength Requires Endurance (1pt per 5 Strength)


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