A List of SENTINEL Model types.


1. TYR – Military/Assault Variant
2. FORSETI – Law Enforcement/Antipersonnel Variant
3. ODIN – Scout/Reconnaissance Variant
4. BALDER – Emergency Response/Rescue Variant
5. MODI – Anti-Superhuman Variant

Regardless of Variant, all Sentinels share the following Traits and abilities:

  • Humanoform Construction: Sentinels are bipedal mecha, standing 6.1meters tall, and weighing in at around 3 tons.
  • Movement Modes: Sentinels are equipped with the ability to walk (with a top speed of 58kph), jump (a distance of up to 30 meters), or Fly using jet engines located in their feet (with a top speed of 192kph, with limited mobility)
  • Electronic Countermeasures: The Sentinels are shielded from most Electronic Warfare systems.
  • Mini Reactor: Underneath the pilot seat in the chest of the Sentinel is a tiny (American football sized) nuclear reactor capable of powering the vehicle indefinitely.
  • Comms System: The inbuilt Pilot Comms System is capable of being encrypted with 128-bit encryption, and can receive all recognised broadcast frequency transmissions (Including TV and Radio).
  • Sealed Environment: Once secure in the Mecha, the pilot is safe from vacuum, High-Pressure environments, and both intense heat and cold. Thus is can maneuver comfortably in space, or at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Ejector Seat: Technology can be replaced. Qualified Mecha Pilots, not so much. The Pilot can Eject if things look bad.
  • Radar: The directional radar system enables the pilot to read the locations of anything in front of himself, even if surrounded by absolute darkness.
  • Fly-by-Wire: The Sentinels are very responsive to their Pilots and increase their Combat Driving, or Combat Piloting rolls by 3. They also negate the DCV penalty for the Mecha’s size, giving the Sentinel a natural DCV of 6.
  • Targeting Systems: All models of Sentinel, even the Non-Lethal BALDER have weapons or systems that require aiming. The Targeting Systems grant the user a +4 bonus to Hit.


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