Sentinel Class Mecha - Mechanism for the Observation and Detention of Inhumans


MODI is the Prototype Sentinel Mecha, barely modified from its original purpose to fight and defeat superhuman foes.

Like its predecessors, the Mutant-Hunting Sentinels, and the standard abilities possessed by all Sentinel models, MODI possesses the following key features:

  • Metahuman/Superhuman Detection Systems: MODI can determine whether any given person is “Baseline” (Normal) or “Enhanced” (Superhuman). It is capable of scanning an area of 32m radius centered upon itself, without effort.
  • Metahuman Analysis System: MODI is capable of determining the abilities, limits and weaknesses of ‘Enhanced’ individuals and using this information to create countermeasures (See Metahuman countermeasures, below).
  • Metahuman Countermeasures: Using the information gathered from its Analysis System, MODI is capable of synthesising additional abilities to enable it to contain, capture or if necessary, fight the ‘Enhanced’ opponent.

For reasons yet unknown, MODI has been the most unusual of the successes of the Sentinel Services program. Despite its numerous field engagements, it has required less maintenance repairs than any of the other models.

The AI aboard this Mecha is modeled on the inhuman general Karnak, and ceaselessly seeks the weaknesses of the ‘Enhanced’ targets. MODI forms a close bond to it’s assigned pilot and will listen to his instructions, and proceed accordingly.

Val Characteristic Notes
5 Size 6.1 m Tall, 1.6 m Wide, Mass: 3.2 Tons
60* Strength Able to lift 100 Tons
18 Dexterity Base DCV: 6 (3 + CSLs)
20 Body
10 Def
4 Speed Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
4 Humanoform Construction: Extra Limbs (2 Arms, 2 Legs), Limited Manipulation (-¼)
23 Sentinel Movement Multipower
1u (10) Long Legs: + 6” Running (12” Total) x2 NCM, No Turn Mode (+¼), Costs Endurance (-½) (2e/Phase)
1u (12) Jet Assisted Leap: 15” Leaping (15” Total) No NCM, (2e/Phase)
2u (23) Jet-Propelled Flight: 20” Flight, x4 NCM, Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼), Side Effects (1d6K, 4” Line Behind Sentinel, Automatically Occurs, Only Affects Environment) (-¾) (Up to 48/192 kph), (8e/Phase)
45 Big Hands and Feet: Area Effect:1 Hex (+ ½) Advantage on 60 Strength, Reduced Endurance (0 End) (Doesn’t Reduce STR End Cost) (+ ½)
15 ECM Systems: 15 Points Radio Group Flash Defense
15 ECM Systems: 23 Points Power Defense, Only Vs “Electronic Warfare” Special Effects
22 Multipower: Superhuman Detecting Hardware
2u (22) Superhuman Detector: Detect Superhuman, + 4 to PER, Increased Arc of Perception: 360˚, Telescopic (+ 4 Vs Range), Sense. Costs End (2e/Use)
2u (19) Superhuman Analyzer: Analyze Superhuman Powers (Int) 17- (Base INT of 0) Costs End (2e/Use)
2u (19) Superhuman Susceptibility Identifier: Analyze Biological Susceptibility (Int) 17- (Base INT of 0) Costs End (2e/Use)
2u (19) Superhuman Vulnerability Identifier: Analyze Biological Vulnerability (Int) 17- (Base INT of 0) Costs End (2e/Use)
60 Superhuman Countermeasures: Offensive Variable Power Pool: Anti Superhuman Weaponry
30 VPP Control Cost: Time (1 Phase) to Change Powers. Analyse Superhuman Powers roll (at -1 per 10 Active Points Changed) to Change Powers.
(30) Energy Beam (Soft): 12d6 EB, OIF Bulky (-1) (6e/Attack)
(30) Energy Beam (Hard): 4d6 RKA, OIF Bulky (-1) (6e/Attack)
(34) Knockout Gas Cloud: 4d6 EB, Area Effect (6” Radius) (+ 1), NND (Appropriate Life Support) (+ 1), Continuous (+ 1), Reduced Endurance (½ End) (+ ¼), No Range (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (4e/Phase)
(38) Vibration Attack: 5d6 Suppress Dex, Area Effect (Cone) (+ 1), Continuous (+ 1), OIF Bulky (-1) (8e/Phase)
60 Superhuman Countermeasures: Defensive* Variable Power Pool: Anti Superhuman Defenses
30 VPP Control Cost: Time (1 Phase) to Change Powers. Analyse Superhuman Powers roll (at -1 per 10 Active Points Changed) to Change Powers.
(8) Penetration Proofing: Hardened for 10 DEF (Protects Against Armour Piercing and Penetrating Attacks)
(15) Energy Proofing: 50% rED Damage Reduction, OIF Bulky (-1) (Protects against Energy Projectors)
(21) Force Bubble Projection: 10PD/10ED Force Wall, 2” Long, Affects Desolid (63A), Only to Englobe (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (6e/Phase)
(21) Adhesive Attack: 3d6, Def 4 Entangle, Area Effect: 1 Hex (+ ½), OIF, Bulky (-1), Cannot Form Barriers (-¼) (5e/Attack)
51 Mini-Nuclear Reactor: 150/150 Endurance Reserve/Recovery, OAF, Immobile, Only Powers Electrical Devices
8 Communications: Detect Broadcast Spectrum Transmission, Transmit, Tracking, Passive, 17-, OIF, Affected as Sight/Hearing, Costs End (2e/Phase)
5 Communications Scrambler System: VPP (4pts) + Control (2pts), 0 Phase, No Skill Roll, OIF, Languages Only, Only 1 Language at a Time.
20 Sealed Environment: Self Contained Breathing, Safe Environments: Intense Heat and Cold, High Pressure and Low Pressure/Vacuum
6 Ejector Seat (Pilot): STR 26 Telekinesis, Affects Whole Object, No Range, Only To Throw Straight Up, 1 Recoverable Charge OIF
67 Onboard Computer System: TYR – See Below
7 Radar: Radar (Radio Group), Concealed (-5 to PER Rolls), OIF Bulky, Affected as Sight/Radio Groups, Costs End (2e/Phase)
8 Fly-By-Wire System – Movement: + 3 to Combat Driving and Combat Pilot, Costs End (1e/Phase)
6 Fly-By-Wire System – Reaction: + 3 DCV (Only to Offset Size-based DCV Penalty) (-1), Costs End (1e/Phase)
12 Targeting Systems: + 4 OCV With Ranged Combat with Sentinel Weaponry, Costs End (1e/Phase)
25 DF: Sentinel, Not Concealable, Causes Extreme Reaction: Fear
35 Dependence (On Coolant System), Easy to Obtain, Activation Roll (14- at 40%) -1 per 5%.
10 Reputation: Killer Robot, 11-
* Strength Requires Endurance (1pt per 5 Strength)


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