Sentinel Class Mecha - Operational Drone Intelligence Network


Designed as a counterpoint to TYR for SHIELDS Intelligence Division, ODIN was the brainchild of Senior Field Agent Leopold Fitz who proposed a sensor-based Sentinel design with access to Drone Telemetry. ODIN was the result.

In addition to the standard abilities possessed by all Sentinel models, ODIN possesses the following key features:

  • Optical Enhancement Systems: ODIN has visual imaging technology that works into the Infrared, and Ultraviolet wavelengths. It can also use magnification technology to enhance the images it captures..
  • Audio Enhancement Systems: ODIN also has an Auditory range that extends from Ultra Low Frequency all the way up to Ultrasonic Frequencies. It can also magnify any chosen audio component and locate it in its surroundings
  • Chemoreceptor Systems: Unusually for a robot, ODIN has something of a sense of smell. The Chemoreceptor sensors in the Mecha are as sensitive as a bloodhounds nose; capable of recognising, detecting and tracking individuals without issue.
  • Radiowave Sensor Systems: In addition to the communication systems common to all Sentinel Model Mecha, ODIN possesses highly complex and precise Radiowave analysis systems. ODINs radar is capable of picking up at 16km what the standard Sentinel Radar can pick up at 1km It can also locate Radiowave sources via triangulation.
  • C3 Systems: With Odin in the vicinity, it can act as a Communication, Command and Control centre (C3). ODIN is capable of acting as the hub for upto 16 local agents, as well as communication on standard broadcast wavelengths, and managing its network of Drone intelligence.
  • Drone Systems: ODIN comes with four drones tied into its sensory network; two aerial drones and two ground-based drones. The specifications for these drones can be found Here for RAVEN and Here for WOLF.

The AI aboard this Mecha is modeled on an Intelligence Analyst, and likes to ferret out secrets. ODIN forms a close bond to it’s assigned pilot and will listen to his instructions, and proceed accordingly.

Val Characteristic Notes
5 Size 6.1 m Tall, 1.6 m Wide, Mass: 3.2 Tons
60* Strength Able to lift 100 Tons
18 Dexterity Base DCV: 6 (3 + CSLs)
20 Body
10 Def
4 Speed Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
4 Humanoform Construction: Extra Limbs (2 Arms, 2 Legs), Limited Manipulation (-¼)
23 Sentinel Movement Multipower
1u (10) Long Legs: + 6” Running (12” Total) x2 NCM, No Turn Mode (+¼), Costs Endurance (-½) (2e/Phase)
1u (12) Jet Assisted Leap: 15” Leaping (15” Total) No NCM, (2e/Phase)
2u (23) Jet-Propelled Flight: 20” Flight, x4 NCM, Limited Manoeuvrability (Two 60˚ Turns per Phase at Most, Cannot Dodge While Flying) (-¼), Side Effects (1d6K, 4” Line Behind Sentinel, Automatically Occurs, Only Affects Environment) (-¾) (Up to 48/192 kph), (8e/Phase)
45 Big Hands and Feet: Area Effect:1 Hex (+ ½) Advantage on 60 Strength, Reduced Endurance (0 End) (Doesn’t Reduce STR End Cost) (+ ½)
15 ECM Systems: 15 Points Radio Group Flash Defense
15 ECM Systems: 23 Points Power Defense, Only Vs “Electronic Warfare” Special Effects
2 Thermal Imaging System: Infrared Perception (Sight Group), (Range, Sense, Targeting; Passive), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
10 Optical Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Sight Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Optical Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Sight Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
3 Optical Nightvision System: +4 Sight based PER, Only Counteracts Darkness penalties (-½), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
5 Optical Tracking System: Tracking for Sight Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
10 Auditory Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Hearing Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
2 Auditory Frequency Enhancements: Ultrasonic and Subsonic Perception, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
5 Auditory Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Hearing Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
8 Auditory Triangulation System: Targeting for Hearing Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
10 Chemoreceptor Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Smell/Taste Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Chemoreceptor Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Smell/Taste Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
5 Chemoreceptor Tracking System: Tracking for Smell/Taste Group, OIF Bulky (-1)
8 Chemoreceptor Triangulation System: Targeting for Smell/Taste Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
10 Radiowave Enhancement System: Discriminatory and Analyse for Radio, OIF Bulky (-1)
5 Radiowave Magnification System: Telescopic +8 for Radio Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
8 Radiowave Triangulation System: Targeting for Radio Group, Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (2e/Phase)
4 Wifi Imaging System: (N-Ray Visions, Radio Group), (Range, Sense; Passive), Costs Endurance (-½), OIF Bulky (-1) (1e/Phase)
4 Motion Scanner: Sense Moving Person/Object (Radio Group), OIF Bulky (-1), (Sense, Range; Passive) (-½) (1e/Phase)
12 Secure Communication Hub: Mind Link, any group of up to any 16 minds, No LOS Needed, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼); OIF, Bulky (-1) Affected As Radio And Hearing Groups, Not Mental Group (-1), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), Only Can Be Maintained With Others Who Have Radio-based Mind Link (-1) (3e/Phase)
13 Multi-Angle Antennae: 360˚ Perception Modifier for All Senses, OIF Bulky (-1)
3 Sensory Recording Hard Drive: Advanced Eidetic Memory; (+10 to INT Rolls, Only To Recall Memorized/Perceived Information (-2), OIF (-½)
37 Drone Sensor Data Systems: Clairsentience (Sight, Hearing and Radio Groups), (40) 64x (30) Range (25,600” (51.2km), 4x Mobile Perception Points (10) Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); OIF Bulky (-1) and Only Through Senses of Others (-1), Linked to Mindlink (-½)
36 Drones: (HUGINN) and MUNINN) (Airborne) and FREKI and GERI (Ground)
10 4x Drones (2x RAVEN, 2x WOLF)
51 Mini-Nuclear Reactor: 150/150 Endurance Reserve/Recovery, OAF, Immobile, Only Powers Electrical Devices
8 Communications: Detect Broadcast Spectrum Transmission, Transmit, Tracking, Passive, 17-, OIF, Affected as Sight/Hearing, Costs End (2e/Phase)
5 Communications Scrambler System: VPP (4pts) + Control (2pts), 0 Phase, No Skill Roll, OIF, Languages Only, Only 1 Language at a Time.
20 Sealed Environment: Self Contained Breathing, Safe Environments: Intense Heat and Cold, High Pressure and Low Pressure/Vacuum
6 Ejector Seat (Pilot): STR 26 Telekinesis, Affects Whole Object, No Range, Only To Throw Straight Up, 1 Recoverable Charge OIF
67 Onboard Computer System: ODIN
7 Radar: Radar (Radio Group), Concealed (-5 to PER Rolls), OIF Bulky, Affected as Sight/Radio Groups, Costs End (2e/Phase)
8 Fly-By-Wire System – Movement: + 3 to Combat Driving and Combat Pilot, Costs End (1e/Phase)
6 Fly-By-Wire System – Reaction: + 3 DCV (Only to Offset Size-based DCV Penalty) (-1), Costs End (1e/Phase)
12 Targeting Systems: + 4 OCV With Ranged Combat with Sentinel Weaponry, Costs End (1e/Phase)
25 DF: Sentinel, Not Concealable, Causes Extreme Reaction: Fear
35 Dependence (On Coolant System), Easy to Obtain, Activation Roll (14- at 40%) -1 per 5%.
10 Reputation: Killer Robot, 11-
* Strength Requires Endurance (1pt per 5 Strength)


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