This Uru axe-headed hammer is inscribed with the following phrase: “Whomsoever lifts this Axe, should they be worthy, shall possess the power of “… Whatever the rest of the line was originally going to be has been lost through damage to the weapon, as a large chip is missing.


When lifted by someone that Íssbrjóta considers to be Worthy, the person is immediately transformed into a powerful being. Their strength, health and fitness are increased, as is the acuity of their mind and their force of personality. They also become significantly more resistant to injury and all forms of mind-affecting or alteration magic.

In addition to the physical and mental changes wrought upon the hammer’s wielder, Íssbrjóta also functions as an incredibly powerful weapon, both in melee and ranged combat, capable of being thrown incredible distances. Íssbrjóta will also return to a worthy wielder, regardless of distance, though it may take some time to reach one that is a significant distance away.

The Wielder can also use the heavy Uru weapon to provide a measure of flight. By throwing the hammer in the direction they want to travel, and holding on tightly, the mass can pull the thrower along. Care must be taken, however, as this is not “true flight”, but rather a vaguely steered ballistic trajectory. Care should be taken to avoid objects along the flightpath.

Additionally, by spinning the weapon quickly, Íssbrjóta can rip a tear through the skin between dimensions and create a portal to the coinciding location in that reality. Users can only open portals to dimensions that they are aware of, or that Íssbrjóta has visited before.

The last enhancements that the hammer provides to its wielder are a greater ability with magic. In addition to giving its wielder a subconscious understanding of Asgardian versions of common spells, it also provides a source of pure Mana to power any magical effects channelled through the hammer. Íssbrjóta can also deaden all illusion-based magic in a large area. Unfortunately, this does include any which the hammer or its wielder has created.

Íssbrjóta can also drain mana directly from a living target on contact, though the target needs to be alive, and have mana for that to be possible. Íssbrjóta cannot absorb more mana than the victim possesses, for obvious reasons.

Additionally, the Asgardian variant spells can be utilised by both the wielder themselves, and Íssbrjóta, who is fully self-aware and sapient. Íssbrjóta’s opinion on who is worthy is able to be changed, and power can be lost as well as gained.

Finally, Íssbrjóta is quite stubborn, and if they do not like someone, or consider them worthy, it takes a significant amount of strength to lift the hammer. The strength needed to move the hammer against Íssbrjóta’s will is equivalent to being able to lift 819 million metric tons.


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