Character Creation Guidelines

Crunching Numbers
Characters will be being built in Hero System 5th Edition. The creation rules for them are as follows:
Each Full Player Character receives 100 Character Points for Free.
Each Full Player Character may add up to 50 points (maximum) through “personal Disadvantages” – this is in addition to any gained from Racial, Cultural, Training, or Professional Packages.

Your Characters will be primarily Attributes, Skills, Talents and Perks based. For these first characters in your first Hero System campaign I want to keep it relatively easy and light on the intense math. Any “Powers” you possess will be VERY low level, no more than 20 Active Points in any single power, and no more than 20 Real Points in Powers, total (“Active” points are a gauge of how powerful an ability is. Real points are how much it costs. (Powers costs can be reduced through limitations, such as “only underwater”, “only versus Dogs” etc)).

When the campaign starts, you will be a newly assigned SHIELD Field Agent, fresh from the Academy, with a lot to prove, and a lot to learn. This is your first Operational Posting, and until the start of the campaign, you’ve only seen most of Shields operations in Textbooks. Unless you were (un)lucky enough to have been involved in a mission accidentally as a civilian, anyway.

To represent your experience and training at the Academy, you will be REQUIRED to purchase the SHIELD AGENT PACKAGE – This will cost between 2 and 6 points depending on what Rank you wish to have graduated as (Rank 1; barely scraped through. Rank 2; Average Agent. Rank 3; Top of their class.) and how much Security Clearance you wish to have (Rated from 1-3 for starting characters, Can not be purchased at a higher number than your Rank level, but CAN be lower. (They were good in class, but they have trouble handling secrets professionally)).

Try to build a person, not just a character. What did they do before they joined SHIELD. Do they have family? Any deeply held beliefs? How about issues specific to the Genre/Universe – Has any member of their family been a Mutant, or more recently, a NuHuman (newly discovered Inhuman)? Does their cousin work for a crime lord such as Wilson Fisk? Does their Gardener moonlight as a Hydra Goon on weekends? Be creative, and try to weave whole cloth… the rest of the process is easier the more defined a picture you have.

You CAN have custom equipment, over and above the equipment you will be issued from Q-Branch. BUT. It will be paid for with points. So it will reduce your other effectiveness. Followers (of a kind) too. A well trained Dog – a bond formed during SHIELD K9 training… isn’t standard issue, but makes for an interesting character hook… Followers, and Vehicles (Don’t touch Lola!) cost 1 point per 10 points in the creature or vehicle, after taking off Disadvantages. A Large (combat trained) Dog (a police dog (Alsation) for example) would cost about 5 points – as they have 45 points NOT countered by Disadvantages. Though also, please bear in mind that Followers are not mindless automata… they have minds, and lives, of their own, over and above your companionship. They will not mindlessly walk through a minefield, just because you said so… (not without serious levels of Mind Control, anyway).

Starting Equipment (Standard Issue), that you will be getting issued with:
The option of an Armoured Helmet
Protective Uniform
Personal Radio
Colt M1911sv .45ACV Automatic Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Q4p Personal Plasma Projection Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Ballistic Bootknife
Combat Utility Webbing
Wrist Computer

None of this costs points, though you may be required to account for shots taken or damage to equipment (as a Law Enforcement Agency, there is a lot of bureaucracy).

You may also be issued with other equipment by Q-Branch on an “as needed” basis for Missions. A mission that requires transport to a remote island, where a full sized Helicarrier might be a little… obvious… may result in the party being issued a form of transportation, which will be removed once more at the end of the mission – and yes, if it is destroyed, you will be answering to your superiors…

Rank Structure

Character Creation Guidelines

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