Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

A character with this Interaction Skill can alter his physical mannerisms and speech patterns to seem to be another person, to fool someone, or to fake moods and emotions. A character can use it to hide his true identity or to impersonate another individual.

To detect an acting character, use Acting versus an INT Roll in a Skill Versus Skill Contest. It’s more difficult to impersonate a specific person (- 1 to – 3) or to maintain an impersonation over a long time (- 1 to – 3). The character may receive bonuses (+ 1 to + 3) if he’s had a chance to study the individual or if the viewers don’t know the individual well.

Acting does not impart any skill with disguises; if the character wants to look like a specific person, he either must know Disguise or have help from someone who does.

Area Knowledge, Mimicry, and Disguise can all help the character impersonate someone, or even act as Complementary Skills for Acting, depending on the circumstances.

Failing an Acting Roll usually means the acting was not convincing and the viewers saw through the impersonation. However, in some cases, it may just make the viewers suspicious or distrustful of the character.

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