Animal Handler

Cost: 2 Character Points for a category, + 1 point for each additional category; + 1 to roll with all categories per + 2 points

This Interaction Skill lets a character train animals to do his bidding. Characters purchase the ability to handle one category of animals for 2 points for a (9+(PRE/5)) or less roll. Additional categories of animals cost 1 point each; the character may increase his Skill Roll with all categories purchased at a cost of 2 points per + 1 to the roll.

The chance to train an animal depends on the handler’s Skill Roll; the GM should modify it depending on the length of time the handler has to work with the beast, the animal’s intelligence, the difficulty of the “trick” the character wants to teach the animal, and the handler’s familiarity with the species. The temperament of the animal also makes a difference — it’s much easier to train a beagle than a camel or griffon. Training usually takes weeks, but a skilful animal handler can do it much more quickly.

A character should make an Animal Handler roll whenever he wants an animal to do something unusual or out of the ordinary. For example, a trained attack dog could attack an enemy in combat without a roll. However, if the handler wants the dog to attack one man out of a crowd, the character must make an Animal Handler roll (with a penalty if the crowd is large). A failed roll means the dog’s too confused to attack, or attacks the wrong person.

Characters can also use Animal Handler to calm down wild animals and ferocious beasts. This usually requires them to succeed with a roll at a – 2 to – 5 penalty, depending upon the type of animal and its intent (getting a stubborn wildebeest to move out of the road is easier than preventing a charging guard dog from attacking). In this sense characters can even use Animal Handler to represent a quasi-mystic “rapport” between a character and all wild creatures.

Characters do not have to use this Skill on animals bought with Character Points (as Followers). Such creatures are automatically friendly to the character.


Animal Category Examples
Aquatic Animals Fish, whales, octopi, jellyfish
Birds All birds other than Raptors
Bovines Cattle, bison
Canines Dogs, foxes, wolves
Dragons Dragons, wyverns
Elephants Elephants, mammoths
Equines Horses, donkeys, unicorns
Felines Housecats, tigers, lions
Insects & Arthropods Insects, spiders, scorpions
Raptors Falcons, hawks, eagles
Reptiles & Amphibians Snakes, lizards, frogs
Ursines Bears

The GM may create other categories, depending upon the campaign setting and character conception.

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Animal Handler

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