Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

A character with this Interaction Skill knows when to bribe someone, how to approach him, and how much to offer. The proper bribe can vary greatly from place to place; usually it’s money, but sometimes things such as food or cigarettes work best.

Characters should roleplay bribery attempts as much as possible, with the GM allowing a character to make Bribery rolls at crucial points in the bargaining to determine how much to offer, how subtle to be, and so on.

If the Bribery attempt fails badly, or if the character attempts to bribe an incorruptible target, the potential bribee may call his superior or the police, arrest the character, or threaten him with a weapon. Also, just because a character has bribed someone doesn’t mean he’ll stay bribed. Complementary Skills can include Persuasion, Seduction, and Area or Culture Knowledges. The right Language also helps immensely.

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