Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

A character with this Interaction Skill can deal with bureaucrats, cut through red tape, and extract information from bureaucracies. He also knows the right people to talk to (for just about anything) and how to reach them. Bureaucratics comes in handy when characters need travel papers in a foreign country, must go through Customs, have to arrange an appointment, and so on.

Bureaucratic procedures usually take time, from several hours to several days. The character can get quicker action with a better Bureaucratics roll. Complementary Skills for Bureaucratics include Knowledge Skill (of the locale or culture), Seduction, Bribery, and Persuasion. If the character has some sort of technical request, the relevant Science Skill would be Complementary. Failed Bureaucratics rolls can result in the character’s request being turned down — or worse, stalled forever in red tape.

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