Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

This Interaction Skill allows a character to extract information from people with careful conversation, and/or to be an entertaining conversationalist. Use of this Skill takes time, and if the character fails the roll, the subject typically realizes he’s being subtly “pumped” and stops talking. However, if Conversation is performed correctly, the victim won’t even know he’s divulged anything. Sometimes the target of Conversation is using his own Conversation to get information, too.

To use Conversation properly, the character must know the language being spoken. If he doesn’t know the language well, the GM should apply a – 1 to – 3 modifier. If the desired information is closely linked with another Skill, that Skill is Complementary — it helps to know what to ask. Seduction, High Society, and Persuasion can also act as Complementary Skills for Conversation.

Although successful Conversation rolls indicate that a character is a witty and intriguing conversationalist, in general, you shouldn’t substitute this Skill for roleplaying. If a character makes clever or stupid statements, the GM should apply modifiers to the roll. You should roleplay most conversations without using Conversation rolls.

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