Defense Maneuver

Combat: No roll required
Cost: 3- 10 Character Points (see text)

A character with this Combat Skill is an expert at moving while in combat. He never allows an attacker a clear shot at his back. This Skill requires a Half Phase Action to use; the character can also make a Half Move or attack, for instance. When performed, Defense Maneuver offers several benefits, depending upon how many points the character spent on it:

Defense Maneuver I: No attacker that the defender can perceive is considered to be attacking “from behind”: 3 points.

Defense Maneuver II: Eliminates Multiple Attacker Bonuses as to attackers the character can perceive: + 2 points.

Defense Maneuver III: Eliminates Multiple Attacker and Rear Attack Bonuses to all attackers, even those which the character cannot perceive: + 3 points. (This does not allow him to perceive said attackers — it simply means that the way he moves in combat, no one can get a clear shot at his back, regardless of whether he knows they’re there. For example, he’d still suffer the reduced DCV that comes from being attacked by a foe he couldn’t perceive with a Targeting Sense, but that foe wouldn’t get a Multiple Attackers Bonus or bonus for attacking him “from behind”).

Defense Maneuver IV: Acts as a “sense,” ie, the character need not spend a Half Phase to use his Defense Maneuver (using it takes no time); any Combat Skill Levels that improve the character’s DCV are considered Persistent for this purpose: + 2 points.

Characters must buy the levels of Defense Maneuver in order; they cannot, for example, buy Defense Maneuver III without first buying levels I and II. Thus, full Defense Maneuver costs 10 Character Points.

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Defense Maneuver

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