Engineering Specialist

Cost Item Notes
5 +5 Intelligence (Max 20)
5 Inventor (Int+1)
3 Demolitions (Int)
3 Electronics (Int)
3 Mechanics (Int)
3 Enhancer: Scientist
2 SS: Chemistry (11-) (Effectively (Int) due to Scientist)
2 SS: Metallurgy (11-) (Effectively (Int) due to Scientist)
2 SS: Physics (11-) (Effectively (Int) due to Scientist)
2 SS: Robotics (11-) (Effectively (Int) due to Scientist)

Replace Utility Pouch Frag Grenade with this:
Portable Tool Kit: +4 to Electronics, Mechanics and Inventor (1u/6)

Replace Utility Pouch Tear Gas Grenade with this:
Portable Science Kit: +4 with All Sciences (1u/10)

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Engineering Specialist

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