GMs Thoughts On Agent Actions - A Frustration

How did Haig survive time in the SAS? Why the hell is he still employed by SHIELD?

After last nights actions while in enemy territory, on mission, Haig will be VERY lucky to remain under their own recognisance, and not be confined to quarters until the end of the WARHEAD mission. I am expecting mention of his actions to be made during official reports. This behaviour pattern he has adopted puts the team at risk. This is not an “Adventuring Party”, it’s a (Para)Military Unit. Battlefield discipline should be a thing. Especially from someone who was ex-SAS. The Hereford Hooligans would not put up with such utter contempt for their fellow soldiers. SHIELD certainly won’t.

This will be the second time that Haig has shown blatant disregard for Authority, and for the military code of conduct. Storming out without being dismissed and ripping off your rank markers SHOULD have been the end of their career. That shit doesn’t fly in organised units, no matter what films may portray.

I suggest you come to terms with the fact that YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. I’m not going to go easier on the team because you do not like the VERY LIGHT PUNISHMENT you were given about lying to SHIELD, bringing a threat onboard (that you made them even more paranoid about by claiming not to know how it was done, after telling them he was self-controlled now), and causing the situation that got Sable into trouble. I react to your actions in accordance to the world you are on. If DumDum had given the punishment instead of Hezekiah, you’d have been Rank 1, unable to fly ANY vehicle, not just a temporary reduction from Sentinels that I only included in the first place because you were adamant about wanting to be a Mech Pilot. As it stands, you have the ability to EARN your rank (and associated permissions) back – but not by acting like an entitled idiot, and disregarding protocol. You’re moving in the opposite direction. You’re sinking down the “trust” ladder in the eyes of the people you’ve sworn to serve. LITERALLY the weight of saving your whole WORLD rests on your teams shoulders. If you don’t find useful stuff and get it back to Earth-617 everyone you know, except those aboard the Bifrost, will die.

This is one of the reasons it takes Simon so long to come to a decision, he is constantly weighing up the consequence of his choices – but he goes a little too far the wrong way – and gets paralysed by indecision, as he can see all the pitfalls ahead. You need to operate on the middle ground:

1. This is not a computer game, it’s not going to be a simple programmed path through a decision tree. It’s an evolving and reactive world, where things go on, and have happened, with or without the party.

2. This is not a movie with any one character as the hero. If it’s anything it’s an ensemble cast movie, where each has their specialities, and work together to achieve a goal (like “now you see me”).

3. This is not D&D. You are not a mish-mash Adventuring Party – You have been provided an excuse to rob and steal and manipulate other worlds, and treat them like sh!t (to save your own), but you should remain true to your team, and your organisation, otherwise you’re just a criminal and will be treated as such.

GMs Thoughts On Agent Actions - A Frustration

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