Infiltration Specialist

Cost Item Notes
5 +1 Level with All Dex-Based Skills
5 +1 Level with All Int-Based Skills
5 Stealth (Dex+1)
3 Computer Programming (Int)
3 Concealment (Int)
3 Lockpicking (Dex)
3 Mimicry (Int)
3 Security Systems (Int)

Armour Enhancements:
Urban Camouflage: +4 to Concealment in Urban conditions
Muffling: +4 to Stealth, Only versus Hearing PER

Replace Utility Pouch Frag Grenade with this:
Throwing Knives: 1/2d6 HKA, Range Based On STR, (1d6+1 HKA Max), 5 Recoverable Charges (1u/3)

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Infiltration Specialist

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