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The Inhumans are a race of beings who diverged from mainstream humanity twenty-five thousand years ago as a result of genetic experimentation on primitive man performed by the alien Kree.

Millennia after the vastly powerful alien Celestials had performed experiments on primitive man to create the subspecies of humanity called the Eternals, the Eternals engaged in civil war. The leaders of the vanquished side were exiled into space and happened upon the Kree weapons depot on Uranus. The exiled Eternals fought and destroyed the Kree Sentry posted there, which activated a transgalactic alarm. Believing the destruction to be the handiwork of their enemies the Skrulls, a Kree armada investigated the incident only to discover the Eternals as the culprits. A vivisection of one of the Eternals revealed to the Kree that he was a highly evolved human being.

The Kree scientists then petitioned their rulers to be allowed to perform their own experiments on human stock in order to create a race of superhuman warriors to serve the Kree. Returning to Earth, the scientists eventually succeeded in fashioning a small tribe of highly genetically advanced human beings. However, the Kree abandoned their plan to make immediate use of the fledgling race, for reasons as yet undiscovered. This race of beings would someday be known as the lnhumans.

Sometime within the Inhumans’ first millennium of existence, the Inhuman geneticist Randac isolated a chemical catalyst for human mutation, a substance he called Terrigen. Believing the substance to be the key to making great genetic advances within a single generation’s time, Randac subjected himself to total immersion in the Terrigen Mist and emerged with mental-manipulative powers rivaling those of the Eternals. Elected ruler because of his genetic superiority, Randac unselfishly instituted a program by which all Inhumans could undergo Terrigen treatment if they desired.

The program was halted when about half of the Terrigen subjects developed radically non-human mutations. It was thereafter decided that individuals would only undergo treatment after being thoroughly genetically tested, but the damage to the gene pool was already done. Centuries later, an Inhuman leader named Gral, tired of the discrimination against the non-human-looking minority, instituted a reign of terror in which the entire population of Attilan was involuntarily subjected to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist. The Mist transformed over three-quarters of the population into non-humanoid types, altering their genetic destinies for untold generations.

Over the millennia, Inhuman geneticists have tried to stabilize the diversity of their genetic heritage. Unlike Earth’s other genetically variant race, the Deviants, whose offspring tend to inherit none of their parents’ genetic traits, Inhuman infants tend to resemble their parents. Thus if an Inhuman with amphibian characteristics mated with an Inhuman with avian characteristics, their offspring would have a combination of these traits. This, however, seldom occurs since, until recent times, marriages have been arranged by the government to eugenically further the race.

Since the time of Randac, the government of the Inhumans has consisted of the twelve-member Genetic Council, which is the major legislative, judicial, and executive body. Each Council member belongs to a different family or House, and is elected to membership by the other members of the Council. Membership in the Genetics Council is for life (unless the member commits a crime against the state and is expelled).

Consequently membership changes in the Council only when there is a vacancy due to death. The Council elects one of its members as both head of the Council and ruler (or “king”) of the Inhumans. This ruler customarily reigns from election to his or her death (again barring dishonorable removal). It takes all eleven other members of the Genetics Council to remove a ruler from the throne. Kingship then does not follow a strict patriarchal or matriarchal progression, although popular rulers are often succeeded by their sons or daughters. The designation “Royal Family” is a ceremonial one that is passed on from House to House with successive kings. About 110 years ago, an Inhuman named Agon was elected to the Genetics Council, and subsequently to rulership over the Inhumans.

A skilled geneticist, Agon made significant advances in the prediction of Terrigen effects on the Inhuman gene, and convinced his wife Rynda to subject herself to the Terrigen Mist while pregnant. Their son Blackagar became the most powerful Inhuman in the race’s history, surpassing the powers of Randac himself.

The general public is aware of the existence of the Inhuman race, although few human beings outside the Fantastic Four and Avengers have ever been to Attilan. At present there are about 17,230 living Inhumans, most of whom dwell amongst the human race. By stringent governmental restriction, the lnhumans practice zero population growth, allowing couples to bear a maximum of two offspring. The government also has strict laws regulating Terrigen Mist exposure. Couples must undergo strict genetic testing before their offspring are permitted to be exposed to the Mist. Exposure of infants in utero is only permitted if the mother has not already been previously exposed to the Terrigen Mist. If the genetic screening determines a low risk factor, a couple may elect to subject their child to the Mist between one and six years of age. If an individual did not become exposed to the Mist when a child, he or she has the right to choose to take the treatment when he or she reaches 31, the legal age of consent.

Recent statistics show that less than half of the children born are Terrigenated and only about one tenth of the non-exposed adults choose to undergo the process at 31. At present only about half of the Inhuman population possesses obvious non-human characteristics either through heredity or Terrigen mutation. Inhumans speak their own language, Tilan, but in recent years, many have elected to learn such human languages as English, Russian, and Chinese.

In recent months, Blackagar has destroyed the city of Attilan which was at the time floating in the Hudson River in New York, and released all the remaining supply of Terrigen into the atmosphere as floating clouds of Terrigen gas. These have had two major side effects: first to cause spontaneous Terrigenesis in people who have an Inhuman genetic code, and secondly, the clouds have proven fatal to mutants. Something about the chemical makeup of Terrigen causes a fast-acting cancer-like disease in mutantkind.

Things came to a head with the Terrigen clouds, when the X-Men, led by Scott Summers destroyed the Terrigen clouds and with them, the future of the Inhuman Race. With no more Terrigen, there can be no more Terrigenesis.

The inhumans are currently led by Blackagar Boltagon, his wife Medusa, her sister Crystal and their family, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon, and Eldrac. They also have a Terrigenated pet, a large dog known as Lockjaw.

If you are creating an Inhuman, use the below package:

Cost Item
20 20 additional Character Points. These points can ONLY be spent on Powers. Normal Starting Power Limits Apply, however, these points may be retained and spent as Experience Points Later when undergoing Terrigenesis
-5 Distinctive Features: Inhuman. Not Concealable, Noticed and Recognisable, Only Detectable by Unusual Senses
-15 Psychological Limitation: Genocrat: Loyal to the Inhuman Royal Family, (Common, Strong)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Democrat: Opposes the Inhuman Royal Family, (Common, Strong)

If the Character is an Inhuman the Player should determine if they are loyal to the current Royal Family (and believes in Genocracy), likely born in the fabulous city of Attilan, or see themselves as a new splinter group of Inhumans and fighting against the old ways (believing in Democracy), likely changed by the Terrigen clouds. If they have not already gotten their powers, it may be a while before they develop them as there is currently no more Terrigen on Earth.

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Inhuman PCs

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