Kevlar and Beta-Cloth Uniform


A Field Agent in the command station with Council Member (and Deputy Director) Maria Hill, and a Communications Officer (Seated). They are all dressed in the signature Beta Cloth and Kevlar Weave uniform, and Maria and the Agent are also equipped with SHIELD Combat Webbing.

SHIELD Uniforms are made from a tight weave of nine-ply Kevlar, inter-layered with Beta-cloth. This produces a material with the flexibility of soft leather but with the capability of stopping a slug from a .45 caliber weapon. The Beta-cloth produces energy and fire-retardant abilities, giving it a kindling temp of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

A full uniform, including gloves and boots, weighs in at 12.25 kilos

Important Just like in a “bulletproof” vest, Kevlar weave does not stop the whole kinetic force of an attack, merely reduced the impact and spreads the energy over a wider area. Agents may experience severe discomfort if they are hit by live fire rounds.

Game Statistics:

7/7 Armour (Provides 7 points of both Physical and Energy based Armour)

Obvious Inaccessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a Uniform).
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).
Real Armour (it is subject to wear and tear, and can be damaged/rendered inoperable by everyday effects).
Mass (Powers are normally “weightless”, This has mass based upon the DEF value of the Armour (24.5kg)).
½ Mass (The Mass from the line above is then halved – down to 12.25kg).
Only Covers Locations 6 to 18 (only covers from the neck down (including hands and feet)).

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Kevlar and Beta-Cloth Uniform

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