Life-Model Decoys often shortened to LMD’s are SHIELD-designed robots, whose skin is made of a rare metal called Epidurium and whose purpose is to take the form of a living person, thus making a duplicate of them.

It is designed to function as an exact body double for VIPs. Their design is such that they mimic the subject’s outer appearance (i.e., fingerprints, hair, all details of the skin), speech patterns, scent, iris and retina patterns, body language, thought patterns (to fool telepaths), and any other biological indicators. Aside from any invasive procedure and vulnerability to strong electromagnetic pulse, they are indistinguishable from the original. They were first used to create duplicates of SHIELD director Nick Fury in order to fool enemy agents of HYDRA.

Additionally, on occasion, LMDs not designed to look like a specific person have been used to provide personnel to SHIELD bases and operations which are inimicable to human life. Being mechanical beings, LMD’s are not subject to the same limitations as Humans, and can easily enter Nuclear Reactors, or airless voids, without harm, to perform tasks with full manual dexterity.

For all intents and purposes, LMD’s are self determining machines, whereas in reality they merely contain incredibly sophisticated programming. A good Lab-Tech, with access to specialists in Computer Programming, Chemistry, Psychology and face-sculpting can rebuild the LMD’s physical and mental form in under six hours.

Unfortunately, being artificial life, they do come with several drawbacks. First they do not heal naturally, and must instead be repaired by a technician with Computer Programming, Robotics and Mechanics skills. Second, as they are, at their core, “Equipment”, that is how SHIELD sees them. Expendable Assets used primarily when the risk to human life is too great.

Cost Item
22 Alterable Body: Shape Shift to Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Mental, Any Humanoid Shape, Cellular, Imitation, 0 End Persistent, Extra Time (6 Hours), Requires Multiple Skill Rolls By Other Character(s) (Disguise, Mimicry, Science: Chemistry, and Science: Psychology, All At No Penalty)
50 Not Alive: Full Life Support: No Need to Breathe. No Need to Eat. No Need to Sleep. Safe Environments: High Pressure, Low Pressure/Vacuum, High Radiation, Intense Cold, Intense Heat. Does Not Age. Immunity to Terrestrial Diseases and Terrestrial Poisons
42 Transferrable Skills: VPP: 31pts of Skills and Abilities of Current “Persona” – VPP only Mimics Skills, Talents and ‘Ethereal’ Abilities of Target Persona. VPP Only Changes In Lab, Takes Hours (Requires Computer Programming Roll)
-10 Distinctive Features: LMD. Not Concealable, Causes Major Prejudice, Only Detectable by Unusual Senses
-5 Physical Limitation: Classes as Machine as well as Human Mental Group, Occasionally, Slightly
-15 Physical Limitation: Does Not Naturally Heal Body (Must Be Repaired), Frequently, Greatly
-10 Psychological Limitation: Believes Themselves to be The Original Unless in Presence of the Original, Common, Moderate
-10 Psychological Limitation: Must Protect Lives of Fellow SHIELD Agents, Common, Moderate
-20 Social Limitation: Property of SHIELD (Slave), Very Frequently, Major
-10 Susceptibility: 2d6 Stun from EMP, Uncommon, Instant)
-40 Vulnerability: 2x Body and Stun from Electro-Magnetic Attacks

The Choice in the Psychological Limitations is based upon whether the specific LMD is currently “active” (Programmed to replace an existing person) or “passive” (Programmed with a generic Persona for SHIELD work).

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