Multifunction Chronometer


The SHIELD Multifunction Chronometer

The SHIELD Tactical Chronometer is a deceptively simple piece of equipment issued to all Agents regardless of posting. Beneath its apparent “normal” facade as a wristwatch, lies several operational abilities which make the Tactical Chronometer a must-have accessory for SHIELD Agents.

What would normally be a “Day” display (MO/TU/WE/TH/FR/SA/SU) becomes a compass heading, either Alphabetical (N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW) or Numerical (1-360 Degrees clockwise from “True North”).

The ‘Seconds’ display converts to a Temperature Gauge, which works in all standardised temperature measurements (Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Delisle, and Newton), for whichever scale the Agent prefers.

The ‘Digital Time’ display becomes a Radiation Detector, displaying how many microSieverts are affecting the Agent. Acceptable levels for the wearer would be anything below 2.7µSv per hour average, which is the equivalent to average background radiation at cruising altitude in a passenger airliner. Registers higher than this should be monitored and steps taken to ameliorate any excess radiation.

To the left of the main face is an altitude/depth meter. The lights signify whether the measurement is depth underwater (Blue), measured in feet, or height above sea level, measured in either Meters (Green) or Tens of Meters (Amber), or Kilometers (Red). For relatively accurate reading, only one part will light up in red, the other parts of each light will light green or yellow, to mark definition in the measurement: For example if the 100 mark is lit up with Red and the 500 is lit up with Yellow, you are approximately, 105km (100 × 1km plus 500 × 10m

The watch also contains a high-level scientific calculator function, which can be accessed via the flip-up face of the chronograph. The calculator is capable of performing calculations on numbers of up to 4 digits in length in a single second.

Finally, pressing the winding stud twice, causes a small wire to unspool, the first 10cm of which is soft and springy. The remaining 50cm form an almost monofilament wire, capable of causing significant damage if applied appropriately to a targets extremities. Two rapid tugs will re-spool the wire garrote for easy storage.

Game Statistics:
Time: Absolute Time Sense
Compass: Bump Of Direction
Altitude/Depth Gauge: Absolute Height Above Sea Level Sense
Temperature Gauge: Absolute Temperature Sense
Calculator: Lightning Calculator
Rad Detector: Sense Radiation, Discriminatory

All of the above functions share Advantages/Limitations:
Obvious Inaccessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a Chronometer).
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).

20” Garotte: + 1d6 HKA (Hand to Hand Killing Attack)

No Normal Defence (Armour does not block damage).
NND Does Body (No Normal Defence is normally only a Stunning Attack).
Continuous (The Attack’s damage continues until you stop applying the attack, or change targets).
Inobvious Inaccessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a Chronometer, although it is not obvious that the power comes from there).
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).
Str Min (5) (you require a Strength of at least 5 to use this weapon without penalties).
Real Weapon (it is subject to wear and tear, and can be damaged/rendered inoperable by everyday effects).
2H (Must use 2 hands to use this weapon, otherwise it suffers penalties)
Must be Aimed at Extremity (If garrote is not used on an extremity (hand, foot, arm, leg, head) it does not achieve any effects).

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Multifunction Chronometer

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