Necromancy remains one of the rarer styles of magic, but it has spread to every culture with a sophisticated magic tradition. While it is not an absolute rule that every necromancer must be a black-hearted fiend, the very nature of this magic means that practitioners must break the religious and civil laws of their community. Necromancers often know something of at least one other magical tradition as well. Necromancy’s extreme secrecy means that practitioners usually have a background in some other tradition before they find and use the forbidden magic of Death.

Cost Item Notes
10 +5 Ego (Max 20)
5 +5 Intelligence (Max 20)
3 Magic Skill: Necromancy (Ego) (Required for Casting)
3 Either: SS: Anatomy or KS: Spiritualism (Choose one)
3 Inventor (Spell Design) (Int)
5 50pt Endurance Reserve (Mana Potential)
1 1pt Endurance Reserve Recovery (Mana Recovery)

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