Normal Characteristic Maxima

Characters in campaigns that do not impose Normal Characteristic Maxima as a default can take Normal Characteristic Maxima as a Disadvantage for 20 Character Points. (The character can also take Age as a Disadvantage and get full points for it). This requires them to abide by the restrictions of Normal Characteristic Maximum, including paying double for Characteristics above the Maximum Value. For example, every point of STR above 20 would cost 2 Character Points.

Even if a character has Age or Normal Characteristic Maxima, Powers or Talents that raise his Characteristics affect them normally — such abilities are not counted against the Characteristic Maxima or subject to the “double cost” rule mentioned above. Examples include Aid, Growth, Lightning Reflexes, and Characteristics bought as Powers. Thus, a character with Normal Characteristic Maxima and STR 20 who buys +40 STR through a Focus only pays 40 Active Points for that STR, not 80.

Characteristic Maxima
STR 20
DEX 20
CON 20
INT 20
EGO 20
PRE 20
COM 20
PD 8
ED 8
REC 10
END 50
Movement (Run) 10”
Movement (Swim) 5”
Movement (Leap) 5”

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Normal Characteristic Maxima

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