Oceanic Operations Specialist

Cost Item Notes
4 L: Atlantean
3 +3" Swimming (Maximum 5)
3 Concealment (Int)
3 Combat Driving (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) (Dex)
3 Environmental Movement (Aquatic Movement)
3 Stealth (Dex)
2 Animal Handler (Aquatic Animals) (Pre)
2 Navigation (Sea) (Int)
2 Survival (Aquatic) (Int)
1 TF: Small Motorised Boats
1 TF: Rafts
1 WF: Harpoon Gun
1 WF: Trident

Armour Enhancements:
Wetsuit Modification: LS: Intense Cold, High Pressure
Swimfins: +5 " Swimming

Helmet Enhancements:
Oxygen Mask : LS: Self Contained Breathing
Undersea Visor: +4 PER with Sight Group, Only to Counteract Underwater Darkness Penalties

Replace Utility Pouch Bug Detector with this:
Survival Kit: +4 to Survival (1u/2)

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Oceanic Operations Specialist

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