Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

This Interaction Skill represents the ability to speak to an audience and deliver a convincing presentation.

A good orator knows how to modulate his voice, use body language, and speak to listeners so they’re receptive to his message. He also knows if he’s losing his audience and can extemporize well before a crowd. Oratory does not help characters argue — it’s only useful when the audience isn’t talking back. Characters who want to be able to lie convincingly or argue effectively should buy Persuasion.

Modifiers are important for Oratory. If the crowd is attentive, or if it wants to hear the speaker, allow a positive modifier (+ 1 to + 3). Conversely, if the crowd is skeptical or hostile, or if someone heckles the speaker, the GM should apply a negative modifier (- 1 to – 3).

A successful Oratory roll indicates the speaker has held the attention of the audience and convinced it to think about what he was saying. If he succeeds by 4 or more, the orator has swayed the crowd to his line of reasoning (a skilled speaker can be very convincing). A failed roll usually indicates the listeners simply ignore the speaker’s message, but a spectacular failure may mean they start throwing things at or attacking him.

Oratory helps characters make effective Presence Attacks on large groups. If the character makes an Oratory roll, add + 1d6 to a Presence Attack against three or more persons. If the character makes his roll by half, add + 2d6.

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