Perks (or Perquisites) are useful resources, items, privileges, and contacts to which a character has special access. Perks are not innate abilities, but rather special benefits the character enjoys.

Unlike Skills, Perks are inherently transitory in nature. A character can gain Perks during the course of the campaign and later lose them just as easily.

Perk Cost Description
Access 1-5 points Character has special access to a secured area
Anonymity 3+ No official records of character exist
Computer Link 1-10 points Character has a link to an important or useful computer system
Contact 1/1 Character knows someone who sometimes helps him
Deep Cover 2 Character has an elaborate cover identity
Favour 1 Someone important owes character a favor
Follower 1 CP per 10 CP in Follower Character has a loyal servant or helper
Fringe Benefit Varies Character has some influence or authority based on his job or position in society
Improved Equipment 3/5/10 Character has access to more than just “Standard” Equipment
Money Varies Character is wealthier than normal
Reputation Varies The character is well-known and highly regarded for something
Vehicles and Bases 1 CP per 10 CP in Vehicle or Base The character has a special vehicle or facility

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