Physical Limitation

A character with this Disadvantage has a physical problem that hampers him, such as blindness or a weak leg.

The value of a Physical Limitation depends on how often and to what extent the problem hinders or impairs the character in the game. The GM is the final judge of how many points a Physical Limitation is worth.

Physical Limitations can have related effects on a character that give him further Character Points. For instance, a character with Physical Limitation: Bad Leg would probably sell back some of the 6” of Running that every character has, maybe 2-3”. This would give him an extra 4-6 Character Points in addition to the value of the Physical Limitation. The GM determines whether a character can both take a Physical Limitation and sell back some attribute, or if he has to do one or the other (and if so, which one).

If a character has a Power that directly counteracts his Physical Limitation, the GM may want to consider reducing the value of the Disadvantage (at the very least, the degree of impairment may need to be reduced). For example, if a telekinetic character took Physical Limitation: No Hands, it might be worth less or perhaps nothing at all, depending upon the nature of the character, the power, and the campaign.

Physical Limitation can also represent mental or psychological problems that cannot be overcome with Mind Control or other Mental Powers. An example is “Knows Nothing Of Empire Culture”, often used for characters from other societies. No matter how powerful a character’s Mind Control is, it can’t overcome this sort of ignorance. For example, mentally controlling a character with this sort of Physical Limitation and telling him to “make a phone call” accomplishes nothing — the victim has no clue what a phone is or how to use one. Most mental problems, such as claustrophobia, can be overcome with Mental Powers; this type can’t, so they’re better bought as Physical Limitations than Psychological Limitations.

In short, if there’s something the character can’t do for some reason, you can simulate this with Physical Limitation. If the problem is that he won’t do it, but is physically capable of doing it, then the Disadvantage is probably a Psychological Limitation.

A character can never receive more Disadvantage points for lacking some physical ability than that ability costs. For example, literacy costs 1 point per language in some campaigns; therefore, illiteracy is worth, at most, 1 point per language the character can speak as a Physical Limitation.

Value Limitation Occurs
5 Infrequently
10 Frequently
15 All the Time
Value Limitation Impairs
+0 Slightly
+5 Greatly
+10 Fully

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Physical Limitation

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