Q Branch is SHIELD’s Research and Development division. Named (in an attempt at humour) after the James Bond Gadget supplier, Q Branch has created or improved many of the day-to-day items in use by the Agents in the field.

Amongst their most well known items are:

Armoured Helmet
Kevlar and Beta-Cloth Uniform
Multifunction Chronometer
Personal Radio
Colt M1911sv .45ACV Automatic Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Q4p Personal Plasma Projection Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Ballistic Bootknife
Combat Utility Webbing
Wrist Computer
Agent Sunglasses
Covert Uniform
Drug Pouch
Skrull Internet Converter

The CapeKiller Armour
The Drones WOLF and RAVEN

The extensively retrofitted Sentinels:
BALDER (Biomechanical Ambulance: Lightweight Disaster and Emergency Rescue)
FORSETI (Frontline Operational Response System for Espionage and Terrorism Intervention)
ODIN (Operational Drone Intelligence Network)
TYR (Tactical Yield Robotics)

And of course, the Bifrost’s Resident AI: HEIMDALL

Q Branch are also the people who reverse engineer any advanced technologies that fall into SHIELDs hands. The local Branch Head is Commander (“Doctor”) Leopold Fitz. Doctor Fitz has been responsible for some groundbreaking technological discoveries in his own right and has joined the crew of the Bifrost on its maiden voyage to see what marvels they will bring home.

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