Q4p Personal Plasma Projection Pistol


Well, I must admit I am really pleased with this one. The SHIELD Q4p Quantum Portable Plasma Projector Pistol is my very own brainchild. Using aspects of magicotechnology from the Fringe Sciences division, and a little Nuclear Physics, mixed with tungsten carbide machined parts, I managed to create a bulk manufactured personal energy weapon for agents in the field who may face off against super-powered foes!

The Q4p uses the potential energy inside empty quantum realities to create a plasma bolt of intense power. Unfortunately, the Quantum Core burns out after only a few shots (such is the drain on the magicotechnological components) rendering the pistol useless until the Quantum Core is replaced.

Game Statistics
2d6 – 1 Ranged Killing Attack (RKA)
+ 1 Offensive Combat Value (OCV) (+ 1 ‘To Hit’)

Armour Piercing (Non-Hardened Energy Defence has only Half Value against this attack)
Obvious Accessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a gun, which can be grabbed in combat)
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).
Real Weapon (it is subject to wear and tear, and can be damaged/rendered inoperable by everyday effects).
Str Min (9) (you require a Strength of at least 9 to use this weapon without penalties).
2 Clips of (8) Charges (The gun can fire 8 times before needing a new Quantum Core insert. Agents are issued 2 ‘cores’)

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Q4p Personal Plasma Projection Pistol

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