Rank Structure

This list summarises the “Rank” Levels within SHIELD, and relates directly to the Rank Levels your characters have purchased/been assigned.

10 – Executive Director – The Head of the Organisation. NEVER a PC Role.
9 – Council Member – Decides policy and procedure for the Agency.
8 – Area Commander – These Commanders control a division or geographical area of the organisation.
7 – Senior Commander – Successful Commanders increase their resources.
6 – Commander – After shining at being a Specialist, Agents might be given a small base or control of a Division within a small area.
5 – Specialist – Level 4s that undertake significant training.
4 – Senior Field Agent – Experienced Level 3s Promoted here. Groomed for Command
3 – Field Agent – Top-of-Class graduate. Shows significant promise.
2 – Junior Field Agent – Average Academy Graduate. Backbone of Agency.
1 – Trainee Agent or Civilian Employee – Limited Responsibility. Might be a filing clerk, or janitor…

After initial Character Creation, Rank is not bought or improved, except from a person of 2 higher ranks or higher rank enabling their progression.

Yes, this means that a PC who starts as a full Field Agent (3), can “Field Promote” a Trainee (1) into a Junior Field Agent (2). They could not then promote them further, however, unless they themselves had become Senior Field Agents (4) first.

The reverse is also true; A Character can be demoted by an officer of at least one full Rank above them.

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Rank Structure

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