Cost: 3 Character Points; + 1 to roll per + 2 points

This Interaction Skill is the ability to gain others’ trust (and perhaps even friendship) by offering companionship or favours. Despite its name, it has less to do with sexuality than with making friends or getting on another character’s good side. This Skill is normally only for use on NPCs; a player should have more control over his character’s actions. The GM may rule that Seduction can be used on a PC when it fits his Disadvantages or personality.

A successful Seduction roll usually makes it easier to learn information or gain favours from the victim. An unsuccessful Seduction roll usually means the attempt failed, but an exceptionally bad roll could indicate the target finds the character vulgar or distasteful and becomes completely disinterested in him.

When a character succeeds with a Seduction roll, typically the target gets to make an EGO Roll in a Skill Versus Skill Contest to resist the proffered friendship or other offer/request. The GM may modify the Seduction roll based on the quality of the character’s conduct, the receptivity of the target, the target’s Psychological Limitations, and other factors. (Alternately, the GM can modify the EGO Roll instead.)

Circumstances have a great effect on this Skill. A COM Roll is Complementary to Seduction in some situations.

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