Session 1 - Launch

Team Leader Agent Hezekiah Mission Report

Strike Team One assembled.

Social interactions team have been engaging in for past month promising. Social enhancment needed no longer after second week. Spirits high.

Unconventional training simulation decided I did to engage team in. Combat against each other simultaion. Agent Echanis & Agent Hurt work together I wished to assess against equally equipped adversaries. In fire fight those two work together most important that as primary combat specialists it is.

Agent Echanis holding back he is I feel. Afraid he is of striking superior officer? Maybe colleagues not trying to harm.Unquestionable his skill is, endeavour I shall full potential to release his.

Agent Hurt seriously takes not the simulation. Person shield of team mate he has made. Dangerous use of training equipment he has made. Shooting commanding officer in crotch. Appreciates he does not his own abilities with training rounds. Opposite of Echanis I think.

Content Not Found: billy-haig pleasantly surprised by I have been. Tactical awareness of enemies mis-steps shown and exploited expertly he has. Build on this I hope he will. More than Sentinel Pilot easily he shall be I can see.

For first deployment ready Team One is.

GM + Axykor
Off record, speak I feel I must. Concerns for Lokisson I possess. Rest of the team in combat alongside he has not trained. Social interaction limited has been. Limited information given I have been of him. No profile. Question command I do not. But mesh with team more time I would prefer to.

Also Q Branch ask I must Agent Hurt keep an eye on. My groin ages pain felt for. Faulty I think is he.

( JJ’s Note: I love the implication you’ve spent time manipulating people already. I knew you’d be the right choice for a Mephitisoid ;))

Session 1 - Launch

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