Session 2 - Live Fire Exercise

Submitted To: Specialist Hezekiah
Authored By: Field Agent Echanis
Report Type: Mission Report
Reference: Operation Independence

The mission as assigned was to enter into an open urban setting and engage a five man squad of military veterans. Strike Team One was assigned with Specialist Hezekiah leading and Senior Field Agent Haig, Field Agent Echanis and the newly assigned Field Agent Lokisson. Agent Hurt was absent for this exercise.

Strike Team One deployed into the field in skirmish formation with our lines loose. Agents Echanis and Lokisson were on point with approximately 7 meters of horizontal separation between them. Specialist Hezekiah and Agent Haig were positioned approximately 3 meters behind the other two agents with approximately 10 meters of separation between them.

The opposing squad assumed a similar dispersal pattern but with three men in the back line and two in forward positions.

Specialist Hezekiah gave loose orders to engage the enemy and show him their best skills. Agent Echanis immediately drew his Q4p sidearm and advanced taking shots at intervals against the forward target on the left. Agent Lokisson cast a spell which made him invisible. He described this to me later, he calls it a Glamour spell, my understanding of his explanation is tenuous at best. I recommend you specifically request him to provide you with a report to better explain this.

Agent Lokisson proceeded to advance on the forward most target on the right.

Agent Haig targeted and fired upon the forward most right target. This was a dangerous proposition considering that he was no longer able to visually locate Agent Lokisson and the last we knew he was headed to engage the same target.

Specialist Hezekiah repositioned himself to the left of Agent Echanis so as to clear his line of fire and then sighted and fired upon the left hand target.

The enemy squad returned fire hitting Specialist Hezekiah and Agent Haig.

Agent Lokisson’s Glamour spell failed and he reappeared using some choice language.

Agent Echanis continued his advance while firing upon his target.

Agent Haig continued his long range fire.

Specialist Hezekiah continued to advance and fire, until the enemy fire took him out of the fight.

At this time command passed to Agent Haig as the next highest Ranking Agent and in the absence of Specialist Hezekiah determining an in the field command structure. Agent Haig failed to issue any direct orders and left Agents Echanis and Lokisson to act upon their own initiative.

Agent Haig continued to provide long range fire support with his personal sidearm and did not advance onto the battlefield past his original positioning. He did not make any move to go to the aid of Specialist Hezekiah until such time as only one enemy combatant remained effective.

Agent Lokisson had been standing idle on the field of battle, and then suddenly the real Agent Lokisson appeared standing next to his opponent and proceeded to batter her with his fists. Agent Lokisson is an Asgardian and possessed of superhuman levels of strength.

By the time Agent Echanis reached his first target, they had already been disabled by the incoming fire. Agent Echanis kept moving past to engage the target in the second line on the far left. Agent Echanis took a more defensive approach at this point due to how much closer he was at this time.

Agent Lokisson however decided that subtlety was no longer a requirement. He picked up his fallen opponent and threw her at the enemy on the second row on the far right. The target managed to deflect this human projectile suffering minor damage from the impact. The “missile” however landed very badly I would be surprised if she survives.

Agent Echanis closed with his target and engaged him in melee combat. Meanwhile Agent Lokisson tried to do something to the second row middle target but I am not sure what, he said something later about hitting him with the power of his mind, I asked him if he meant telekinesis and he said “no nothing like that, it is his mind not mine”. Again I recommend that you request he provide you with a direct report on the subject Sir.

Agent Lokisson then closed on the far left target and proceeded to overcome him in hand to hand.

In the meantime the centre opponent beginning to be concerned by the rate at which we were taking down his companions switched to a Grenade Launcher. He sighted it on Agent Echanis, with no concern for his companion and fired. The grenade was an indirect hit and Agent Echanis was within the blast radius, he was lucky and suffered only minor contusions. His target however was not and went down in the blast.

Agent Echanis immediately began to close on the target with the Grenade Launcher who fired again, missing again but catching Agent Echanis once more in the blast radius. Agent Echanis kept moving and closed to melee range with the target.

At this same moment Agent Lokisson was closing from the otherside. The target seeing no way out of this situation decided to fire his grenade into the ground at his feet, in hopes of taking the two agents with him. He was not successful in taking the agents with him, although Agent Echanis was significantly stunned by the point blank grenade blast and required a little time to recover.

Agent Haig was at this time tending to the fallen Specialist Hezekiah and Agent Lokisson was cuffing the surviving enemy combatants.

Following the end of the scenario it turned out that this had been a live fire exercise using LMD training models for the opponents. This information was not disclosed to the wider team for some reason and posed a significant risk to the safety of the team.

In summary the mission was successfully completed. Specialist Hezekiah was incapacitated early on in the combat and was no longer capable of execute his command functions. Senior Field Agent Haig failed to assume command of the team in any meaningful way. I remain unconvinced that his long range fire support contributed significantly to the success of this mission. Without Agent Lokisson the team would have been overwhelmed and defeated in detail.

I am impressed with Agent Lokisson, his magical talents could be very useful. You will need to find a way to integrate those talents with the team. I am slightly concerned that he seems to be uncomfortable with Firearms and much of his standard issue equipment. We will need to assist him with some additional training on the ranges to help him become accustomed to our ways a little more.

Session 2 - Live Fire Exercise

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