Session 3 - Operation Photon Absorber

Submitted To: Specialist Hezekiah
Authored By: Agent Echanis
Report Type: Mission Report
Reference: Operation Photon Absorber

The mission as presented to Strike Team One by Specialist Hezekiah, CO of Team One, was a simple recon missions. Large energy signatures had been detected in the region of the ruins of an Inhuman city in the Hudson River not far from New York Bay. Our primary objective was to discover the source of this energy signature. If there were other objectives to this mission they were not imparted to those of us of us with Field Agent rank or lower.

For this mission our standard issue equipment was augmented with the addition of Galil Sniper Rifles, issued to Agents Ehcanis and Hurt, and a Forensic Recovery of Infections, Dangerous or Gaseous Equipment (F.R.I.D.G.E) Unit, which is entrusted to Agent Lokisson. For transportation we will be using a Quinjet.

The initial trip to the primary landing zone is uneventful and precautions are taken to avoid drawing attention to ourselves by engaging the Stealth Suite as come in sight of New York City. Initial scans of the landing zone are carried out. The primary mission zone is smaller than expected and the ground appears to be slightly convex. The only other indication is that the centre of the mission zone appears to a few degrees higher in temperature. This is not a major variation but is noteworthy in that it appears to be a consistent variation.

Agent Haig manoeuvres the Quinjet into position as close to the edge of the island as he can and sets it down. As Specialist Hezekiah leads the rest of the team out of the Quinjet and onto the island, Agent Haig moves to man the ships weaponry to provide us with covering fire. This was an act carried out, to my knowledge, on his own initiative. Luckily he had no call to use the weapons, as any tactical fire support he could have provided would almost certainly have killed us. The weapons mounted on a Quinjet are not designed as infantry support weapons.

As we investigated the site we began to be suspicious of the Island itself. It was smaller than expected, and there seemed to be a pattern of stones under the superstructure of the Quinjet which did not appear to be natural in any way. Unfortunately our ability to investigate this direct was hampered somewhat by the presence of the Quinjet and its stealth field. We managed to establish a suspicion that this rock formation was the entrance to an underground complex.

Agent Sable also determined that while the island looked like it was predominantly made from rock, it in fact sounded and behaved more like it was constructed of metal when sudden force is applied directly to a small surface area.

Specialist Hezekiah indicates that he wishes for us to move forward and investigate the area with the temperature variation. Agent Hurt and I begin to advance with our Galil rifles at the ready and as we approach the exact centre of the island we realise there is a ring of rocks on the floor.

As we close Agent Haig joins us and we are able to see that there appears to be some kind of beam of light emanating from the very centre of the ring and point straight up. Agent Hurt steps over the rocks and steps straight into the beam of light. Nobody ordered him to do this he carried this forward under his own initiative. It was in my opinion and stupid and impulsive thing to do. The effect of stepping into the beam was completely unknown. Agent Hurt disappeared from sight. At this point his fate and what this beam of light was, is unknown.

Specialist Hezekiah then steps forward intrigued by this turn of invents, steps forward with a little more caution to investigate. He steps close to the beam and swipes his arm through it. The result of this was that Specialist Hezekiah disappeared to. I was now confident that this was not some form of disintegration beam and so I followed my team leader and stepped into the beam.

The experience of travelling through this portal was an odd one. Time appeared to drag out and my perception of the time I spent in the portal was I believe considerably longer than in reality. My perception were heavily overlaid with grey. The experience was not unlike that of blacking out when you have been put in a sleeper hold during hand to hand combat, except you never quite reach that point of total saturation that heralds unconsciousness. Just as the grey was about to overwhelm me it stopped and I found myself stood in an urban setting. Agent Hurt was already there and he was looking around with some bewilderment. Specialist Hezekiah was also present however he appeared to be a semi catatonic state. He was curled into a ball and issuing a low keen. I could see no sign of injury and at this time no overt threat that could have rendered him so.

At this point the portal which we had come through deposited another item at my feet, this was a standard SHIELD issue smoke grenade. It was live and smoking and belonged to Agent Haig. It is at this point in my report that I would like to lodge an official complaint, this for me was a case of reckless endangerment. Senior Field Agent Haig discharged his weapon at a target that could not be seen with no consideration or seeming concern for the collateral damage that could have been caused. This kind of activity would be considered unacceptable and unprofessional in a military organisation, however it should be considered a criminal offense within a Law Enforcement agency whose paramount responsibility is to serve and protect the citizenry that falls within their jurisdiction.

Following on from the arrival of the grenade, Agent Haig and Agent Lokisson followed. Once we were all together once again we were able to take stock of our surroundings. We had arrived in an urban setting a long way from earth. Even the sky itself was different. The architect was downright alien, with high angular towers made almost exclusively from metal, and not one that I could identify straight off.

We were unable to rouse Specialist Hezekiah from the catatonic state he had descended into, this meant that Senior Field Agent Haig assumed command, he issued no direct orders at the time. I took it upon my own initiative to detach myself from the main body of my companions and move a few meters off to the side.

Agent Lokisson proceeded to try to find a way to rouse Specialist Hezekiah.

It was at this point that we spotted a figure travelling towards us, she was being propelled through the air, with no seeming mode of transport. When she arrived she introduced herself as Empress Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar Empire. She identified Specialist Hezekiah as being her property and thanked us for returning him to her. None of us were prepared for this and also unaware of Specialist Hezekiah’s history or the veracity of her statement.

Senior Field Agent Haig entered into diplomatic negotiations with the Empress, but he did not make a good impression. He did not instruct us to lower our weapons or remove our helmets, neither did he himself remove his own. The conversation soon moved from diplomatic language and descended into an argument of statements with no real possibility for negotiation. Agent Haig posited that as Specialist Hezekiah was an Agent of SHIELD he could not be considered her property and his membership in SHIELD overrode all other considerations. The Empress refused to recognise SHIELD as have any jurisdiction within the confines of the Sh’iar Empire and ruled that Agent Hezekiah’s SHIELD status was irrelevant.

Agent Lokisson had in this time had some success in rousing Specialist Hezekiah. He said to me that he used a Glamour to alter Specialist Hezekiah’s perception allowing for him to emerge from the state. Specialist Hezekiah was still very confused and somewhat terrified but he was ambulatory and capable of speech at this time. I think all members of the team would agree that he was not Compos Mentis and therefore incapable of resuming command.

I removed my Helmet and addressing the Empress directly I enquired as to whether there was a deal that could be made, a trade that would release Specialist Hezekiah from his state of slavery and allow him to leave with us and return to Earth and SHIELD. She stated that if someone was willing to take his place then that would do. I reasoned that Specialist Hezekiah obviously has some connection here and therefore he has knowledge of the Sh’iar. If any of the team required rescuing then it would be best for Specialist Hezekiah to be in the rescue team.

I stepped forward and volunteered to take his place.

While I had been engaged in conversation with the Empress Agents Lokisson and Haig had been talking, and as I was handing my rifle off to Agent Hurt, Agent Haig turned around to the Empress and pointing directly at her yelled out the word “Fake”.

We did not have time to determine what he meant by this for at that time, two guards materialised levelled some form of energy rifle and proceeded to shoot down Agent Haig.

More guards appeared and we were taken into custody, our sidearms and rifles were taken from us and we had sacks thrown over our heads and we were led off.

It did not feel like we had our heads covered for very long but eventually we were placed into cells in some kind of prison. Establishing that Agents Hurt and Lokisson and Specialist Hezekiah were in the adjoining cells we hatched a plan to escape from the cells, and with the help of a fellow inmate, a Skrull named George we were able to escape our cell block and make our way to the central control chamber.

Once in the Control chamber we proceeded to investigate the Computer Panels most of which were in languages that we could not understand, what few of them we could understand did not give us access to anything that would significantly aid us.

Agent Hurt and I began investigating some of the other cell blocks. Whenever we opened one of the cell blocks they would vent into the central chamber leaving them without oxygen. Agent Hurt was possessed of sufficient lung capacity to be able to enter the corridors and retrieve people from their cells.

The first people retrieved were Cal’syee Neramani and Gladiator. Cal’syee turned out to be the Emperor’s sister and a terrorist known as Deathbird, while Gladiator was the head of the Empresses Bodyguard and the guard who had taken Agent Lokisson prison when we were captured.

The next thing to happen was that Agent Lokisson disappeared to be replaced by the unconscious form of Agent Haig.

With the release of Deathbird, Specialist Hezekiah slipped once more into his catatonic state. Unfortunately with Agent Lokisson unavailable the ability to use a Glamour to alter his perceptions was no longer available to us. Agent Haig appeared to be alive but was heavily wounded and the only person able to give him medical aid was Specialist Hezekiah. The only answer I could think of was to use the Morphine shots that are part of our medical kits to alter his perceptions enough to ease the extreme anxiety he appears to be suffering from.

To my surprise this tactic worked. Specialist Hezekiah was able to heal Agent Haig and we set about first trying to find Agent Lokisson and then getting out of the complex. We searched for a long time but were unable to located Agent Lokisson. With the assistance of Gladiator and Deathbird, we were able to reacquire our equipment and with assistance of a Robot of unknown origin to me, we were able to travel from the prison to one of the nine realms, where we expected to find Agent Lokisson.

I will not go into extreme detail over what occurred between Agent Lokissons disappearance and us arriving in the nine realms as I no longer believe most of what happened to have been true. I believe much of it was magically induced and so can no longer rely on my recollection as being the truth.

Having arrived in Nioavellir, we travelled to a city castle made entirely of metal and there we met with a dwarf who advised us that if we wished to find Agent Lokisson then we needed to climb the tree. Situated near our arrival point was a copse of huge Redwood trees. So we returned to the location and without waiting for orders Agents Haig and Hurt immediately started to climb different trees. I waited for Specialist Hezekiah to choose a tree and followed him in his climb.

Specialist Hezekiah found ourselves arriving in a place called Muspellsheimr. We saw no sign of Agent Lokisson and so we did not stay long and returned to Nioavellir. Shortly after our return the other Agent also returned and Agent Hurt brought Agent Lokisson with him.

We then returned to the Dwarf to discuss how we would return to Earth. The dwarf directed us to use a specific branch of the tree. Agent Lokisson explained that the tree was called Yggdrasil and it grew throughout the nine realms. We tried to use the route given by the dwarf but this proved impassable to us. In the end we settled on using a branch that led us to Asgard.

Upon arrival in Asgard we were met by a man claiming to be none other than Loki himself, he also laid claim, and I have been given no reason to doubt this, to being Agent Lokisson’s father. He offered us a boon and Specialist Hezekiah asked for us to be returned to Liberty Island.

Loki was unimpressed by our request but honoured anyway. He decided to interpret our request in his own way and he deposited us on top of the statue of liberty. Agent Haig foolishly then summoned the Quinjet to come and pick us up. I lead the team inside the statues head to avoid us getting squashed and burnt to death by a Quinjet.

Once we had redirected the Quinjet to land in the car park on Liberty Island, we were able to climb down and board the Quinjet.

In summary I would request Sir that you seriously consider the actions of your subordinates, specifically Senior Field Agent Haig and Agent Hurt and bring them to task over their generally reckless and endangering behaviour.

I would also request that you supply me with the Service records of all members of Strike Force One in so far as my security clearance would allow.

Can I also receive access to SHIELD records in relation to the following subjects:
Asgardians and the Nine Realms
Sh’iar and The Sh’iar Empire

Session 3 - Operation Photon Absorber

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