Session 4 - Operation Metamorphosis

Submitted To: Specialist Hezekiah
Authored By: Field Agent M.D. Echanis
Report Type: Mission Report
Reference: Operation Metamorphosis

Following the Bifrost jumping to a different dimension Strike Team One were given the role of establishing first contact with the forces in this new dimension. Following the very limited briefing provided to those members of the team who were available the team members proceeded to the Hangar Deck where the Sentinel BALDER and a Quinjet which had been requisition for this mission were awaiting us.

At this point we took the time to establish as much information from visual recon and sensor scans. The scans showed that we were above New York and that the population density and composition was similar to our dimensions baseline. Visual scans showed that the closest vessel to us appeared to be this dimensions equivalent of a Helicarrier. Its design did not appear to be as recent as that of the Bifrost although it is possible that this dimensions tech base is higher than that of our Earth.

Once we had gathered as much information as we could or though relevant we proceeded aboard the Sentinel and Quinjet. Senior Field Agent Haig piloted the Sentinel while Specialist Hezekiah piloted the Quinjet.

It is worth mentioning at this point in my report that we were woefully under prepared for this mission, a situation that was further complicated by being a man down as Field Agent Hurt was unable to join us on this mission and also due to the paucity of the mission briefing. While I retain the upmost respect for operational security, these things can be taken far too far and will actually hamper the effectiveness of any team engaged in such a mission.

We arrived aboard the other Helicarrier and were welcomed by this dimensions SHIELD Agents, some of whom were not human but appeared to be some form or Robot. Upon meeting with their leader who was none other than this Dimensions Director Fury we were able to establish some information concerning this dimension and its history. Primarily that this Earth is allied to a group known as Cybertronians who are a form of fully Sapient Mechanical life forms. They have fully integrated with human society, and appear to bear full rights and freedoms. It even appears that the Cybertronian existence on this Earth predates the evolution of Man. There are two factions within the Cybertronians and SHIELD appear to be allied to a group known as the Autobots.

It turns out that the Helicarrier upon which we now stood was in fact one of these Autobots and he went by the name of Broadside. They also informed us that they were repairing their damaged brother whom we had brought to them. When inquired as to what was meant by this it turns out that they had identified BALDER as being a living robot and were healing him. It was clear by the terminology that they were using that they considered BALDER far more than the machine that we had looked at him as being. When asked to stop they told us he was undergoing surgery and the process could not be stopped.

Specialist Hezekiah enquired as to whether they would be willing to open diplomatic relations with the Bifrost, this they agreed to and were provided with an Encrypted and Secure frequency with which to contact the Bifrost. Specialist Hezekiah had not been provided with permission to disseminate this frequency. As such when Broadside began broadcasting on this channel without the encryption key the Bifrost saw this as an overt threat and turned away and began to depart.

Specialist Hezekiah quickly got into contact with Bifrost and explained the source of this communication. The Bifrost was naturally reticent to accept this at face value, probably because they were unable to be certain that Specialist Hezekiah was not being coerced, as such they ordered Strike Team One to rendezvous with Bifrost at RV Alpha. Having not been read into the mission parameters in any great detail I was not aware of any pre-arranged RV plans.

Specialist Hezekiah seemed alarmed by this change in plan and he asked to be excused and allowed to return to the Bifrost, Director Fury agreed and we returned to the hanger deck. Once there we discovered that not only were they operating on BALDER to heal him, but they had also dismantled the Quinjet. We requested that they put the Quinjet back together and fast. The Quinjet was repaired within thirty seconds.

We boarded the Quinjet and proceeded to launch for the Bifrost. Agent Haig remained behind to return with BALDER once the operation had been finished. We arrived on board the Bifrost and proceeded directly to the office of Area Commander Dugan.

Commander Dugan was less than impressed by what had been accomplished so far. Analysis of the divergence point and the information we had gathered so far suggested that staying in this dimension at this time was not tactically the wisest decision so the Bifrost was prepared for another Dimension Jump.

The most significant thing to occur in this mission is the healing of BALDER. Based on the description that was given to the Sentinel Engineers, Balder has lost his cockpit and can now impersonate an ambulance. This has the Sentinel Engineers highly concerned and they are now hunting for Balder with the intention of dismantling him.

Attempts to explain that Balder is now fully sapient and no longer has an AI as we know them, so far has fallen on deaf ears. Responsibility for Balder and his actions have been transferred to Specialist Hezekiah.

When Balder was healed his AI was unshackled and significant modifications were made allowing for him to change from a bipedal form to a vehicle, so far we know that he can appear as an ambulance.

Tactically Balder poses a danger to the Bifrost. We have no idea what his personality is like, how his previous programming maybe influencing his attitude towards those around him. How much of his prior life he remembers will also influence his behaviour. As we have no idea of the process he has undertaken we cannot be sure if this process can be transmitted to other AI based systems. The threat that Balder present cannot be accurate estimated based on what we currently know, but I would place it as significant.

Morally we are dealing with a Life Form here. Currently he has committed no crimes and therefore we have no reason to detain him. He is now a free and thinking being, and by our own standards would be considered little more than a child if not a baby. As such the questions that I must ask is what right do we have to enslave another being? Should we not be taking responsibility for this freshly awakened being and be teaching him how to be a contributing member of society.

Submitted To: Specialist Hezekiah
Authored By: Field Agent M.D. Echanis
Report Type: Mission Report – Addendum
Reference: Operation Metamorphosis

The mission did not end there, the Engineering crews were intent on finding and dismantling Balder as they have evaluated the situation and consider Balder to be a threat.

Specialist Hezekiah did not wait for his team to be assembled but proceeded into the hanger without backup or coordinating with his team. I commed Agent Lokisson and requested that he join Strike Team One in the Hanger Bay.

A few minutes later Senior Field Agent Haig heads off into the hanger without a word. I wait for Agent Lokisson to join me before heading into the hanger bay. Just as Agent Lokisson comes into sight, Agent Haig comes over our radio ordering us to converge on his position. The transmission is cut off before Agent Haig is able to confirm his location, leaving us none the wiser and unable to come to our team mates aid in a quick manner.

Agent Lokisson and I methodically search through the hanger, aware that we are in a time critical race to find Balder before the Engineers do. Eventually we spot the bodies of Specialist Hezekiah and Senior Field Agent Haig lying on the ground near one of the Ambulances.

Agent Lokisson and I declare our intentions loud and clear in the hope to be able to get Balder to reveal himself. Unfortunately my initial attempt was not sufficiently convincing enough, and Balder hit us with some form of gas attack. Lokisson however stepped forward and in his warriors way welcomed Balder as a friend and brother, despite the attack on us.

This appeared to work and Balder transformed into a twenty foot tall robot. This the first time I have seen Balder since his transformation. His form is much changed from when he was a Sentinel. The requirement for the robot to be able to transform between settings has requirement significant structural changes. It looks most impressive and of a significantly higher form of tech layer than we are capable of. This could be considered one more example of how he is no longer just a machine but a living creature.

As Balder stepped forward and took Lokisson’s hand he was seemingly attacked from multiple directions. He fell to the hanger bay floor, I cannot tell if he is dead or unconscious. Unable to locate the origin of the attacks and not knowing if we were also being targetted Lokisson and I turned prepared to defend ourselves against any threat.

Shortly four SHIELD Engineers rounded the corner and came running towards us. Sable muttered some kind of incarnation and one of the Engineers went down with blood oozing from his ears. I shout out orders to the Engineers and to Sable to stand down, and in that moment of confusion I radioed Area Commander Dugan and requested that he order the Engineers to stand down and allow me to take Balder into custody. Commander Dugan agrees but also informs me that I am to send Agent Lokisson to the Brig.

Balder is delivered to superhuman containment with the assistance of Senior Commander Fitz.

It is at this point that you resume command of Strike Force One and I have nothing further to report that you yourself are not aware of.

From a tactical perspective several mistakes were made. We did not operate as a team. Communication was poor or non-existent. In not moving forward with a coordinated plan we opened ourselves up to being defeated in detail. We need to establish better SOP if we have any chance of being successful in our missions or even just surviving them.

Session 4 - Operation Metamorphosis

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