This Package Deal represents your area’s of training and expertise within SHIELD, All Agents are required to undergo Basic Training, which includes some Elective Courses, and Specialist schools. Add the Skills, Perks and Disadvantages to your Sheet with a cost of “SP” (and the value in the case of Disadvantages).

Skills (All Agents)
Criminology, (9+ (INT/5))
Knowledge Skill: S.H.I.E.L.D, 11-
Knowledge Skill: Criminal Law And Procedure, 11-
Knowledge Skill: The Law Enforcement World, 11-
Knowledge Skill: The Superhuman World, 11-
Professional Skill: SHIELD Agent, 11-
Weapon Familiarity: Small Arms, and Knives
Martial Arts: 20 points of SHIELD Combat Training Maneuvers

Specialist Training:Choose 6 points’ worth of Skills from the following list: (Values are in brackets)
Acting (9+ (PRE/5)) (3)
Animal Handler (Canines) or (Equines) (9+ (PRE/5)) (2) (3 if both are chosen)
Bribery (9+ (PRE/5)) (3)
Bugging (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Bureaucratics (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Climbing (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
Combat Driving (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
Combat Skill Levels (varies)
Computer Programming (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Concealment (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Conversation (9+ (PRE/5)) (3)
Deduction (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Demolitions (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Disguise (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Electronics (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Fast Draw (Choose Category) (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
Forensic Medicine (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Gambling (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Interrogation (9+ (PRE/5)) (3)
Languages (varies)
Lockpicking (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
(More) Martial Arts (varies)
Paramedics (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Persuasion (9+ (PRE/5)) (3)
Riding (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
Security Systems (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Shadowing (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Skill Levels (varies)
Stealth (9+ (DEX/5)) (3)
Tactics (9+ (INT/5)) (3)
Transport Familiarity (varies)
Weapon Familiarity (varies)
Weaponsmith (Choose category) (2, + 1 per additional category)
any Background Skill (1 (8 -), 2 (11 -) or 3 (9+ (INT/5)))
Contacts (vares)
Deep Cover (2)

Perks (All Agents)
Fringe Benefit: International Police Powers
Fringe Benefit: SHIELD Agent Rank (1)
Fringe Benefit: Security Clearance (1)
Fringe Benefit: Weapon Permit

Notes PCs are expected to buy additional Rank and Security Clearance commensurate with the Rank they wish to actually be. In this Campaign, the PCs are between Rank 3 and 5 (Field Agent, Senior Field Agent, or Specialist) – With the exception of LMD Characters who cannot buy additional Rank, and cannot be promoted. LMD’s will start at Rank 1

Disadvantages (All Agents)
Distinctive Features: SHIELD Uniform (Easily Concealed, Noticed and Recognisable (SP)
Hunted: SHIELD 8- (More Powerful, Non-Combat Influence, Only Watching) (SP)
Hunted: Enemies of SHIELD 8- (More Powerful, Non-Combat Influence, Wants to Capture/Kill the PC) (SP)
Social Limitation: Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major) (SP)

Total Package Cost: 0 + (Plus the cost of Additional Rank above 1, and Additional Security Clearance above 1)

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