Skrull Internet Converter


This small device attaches to a wireless enabled object via standard USB “Type C” technology and converts the signal and DNS information into a equivalent for Earth-10022 mapping. This enables the object to access locations on Earth-10022’s Internet.

Game Statistics:
1d6 Cosmetic Transform (Earth-10022 Wireless Traffic to Earth-617 Wireless Traffic)

Reduced Endurance; 0 End (The device is self powered (Draws power from the device it is plugged into)
Persistent (The power only turns off if actively turned off, it is not reliant on character being awake)
Continuous (The power automatically activates every active phase, without needing a new attack roll)
Inobvious Inaccessible Focus (The Power in question is an item, in this case, a small Dongle).
Independent (The power is in the item, the item is not merely a focus for a beings internal abilities).
Limited Target: (Earth-10022 Wireless Traffic) (The power only works on this target)
No Range (The power only affects things that are connected to this device)

Skrull Internet Converter

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