Standard Issue Equipment

Starting Equipment (Standard Issue), that you will be getting issued with:

The option of an Armoured Helmet
Kevlar and Beta-Cloth Uniform
Multifunction Chronometer
Personal Radio
Colt M1911sv .45ACV Automatic Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Q4p Personal Plasma Projection Pistol with 2 clips of 8 Rounds
Ballistic Bootknife
Combat Utility Webbing with Utility Pouches
Wrist Computer

For the Undercover Operatives we have:
Agent Sunglasses
Covert Uniform
Drug Pouch

None of this costs points, though you may be required to account for shots taken or damage to equipment (as a Law Enforcement Agency, there is a lot of bureaucracy).

You may also be issued with other equipment by Q-Branch on an “as needed” basis for Missions. A mission that requires transport to a remote island, where a full-sized Helicarrier might be a little… obvious… may result in the party being issued a form of transportation, which will be removed once more at the end of the mission – and yes, if it is destroyed, you will be answering to your superiors…

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Standard Issue Equipment

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