STRIKE teams, or to use their full nomenclature “SHIELD Tactical Response and Interdiction for Key Emergencies” are a cross-division tactical operations experimental team unique to the Bifrost.

Originally suggested by Area Commander Dugan himself as part of the Special Operations Division of Project Valhalla, the STRIKE teams are built around the concept of Synergy of Training. This concept is the belief that by bringing multiple specialists from various divisions together, they cover each other’s weaknesses and improve upon their strengths, creating a team, that is far more capable than a six-man team of any single division.

There are 5 STRIKE teams stationed aboard the Bifrost, each led by a Specialist (R5) who has Field Command. Overall command of the STRIKE Force is centred directly with Area Commander Dugan.

STRIKE Team One consists of a Tactical Command Specialist, a Doctor, a Sorcerer, an LMD, a self-aware Quinjet, and is used for First Response missions.

STRIKE Team Two consists of an Undercover Operative, a Technical Field Agent, an Elementalist, a Martial Artist and and an Analyst is used for Undercover missions.

Other STRIKE teams have other organisations and purposes.


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