Surveillance Specialist

Cost Item Notes
7 Systems Operation (Int+2)
5 +5 Intelligence (Max 20)
3 Bugging (Int)
3 Concealment (Int)
3 Conversation (Pre)
3 Shadowing (Int)
3 Stealth (Dex)
3 Tracking (Int)

Replace Utility Pouch Frag Grenade with this:
Audio/Visual Bug: Clairsentience (Sight and Hearing Group), 8x Range (1200”, or 1½ miles), IIF, IND, Real Item, No Range (character must place bug at perception point before he can use it), Affected As Radio Group As Well As Sight and Hearing Group, 1 Continuing Fuel Charge (battery, Easy to obtain, 1 Week). (1u/9)

Replace Utility Pouch Tear Gas Grenade with this:
Parabolic Microphone: +8 versus Range Modifier for Hearing Group, OAF, IND, Real Item (1u/3)

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Surveillance Specialist

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