Technomancy—the fusion of science and magic. With two such powers conjoined, what would not be possible? Imagine computers casting spells with digital precision, a million times faster than any human wizard. Imagine machines brought to life with synthetic souls. Imagine mass-produced magic and cyborged spirits.
Imagine a load of bullcrap, say most wizards. Magic and high tech are just too different, they insist. Science is about what works even if you don’t believe in it: objective, impersonal, measured and precise. Magic, on the other hand, is fundamentally subjective, ambiguous and very personal. The magician views reality as a network of interconnected symbols vibrant with meaning, life and power. Intangible and “subjective” qualities such as moral character and mythic resonance are as fundamental to magic as they are alien to scientific thought. A computer could no more cast a spell than a toaster could write a symphony.
And yet…could it be that science is simply too new, not yet assimilated? And that wizards who deny the possibility of technomancy are just miffed at being upstaged by high-tech wonders they can’t understand? Worried that Science and Magic are not so far apart as they thought, so much so that with the proper frame of reference, they could be indistinguishable from each other… Well, maybe. A few of the younger mages are experimenting with combining modern technology and magic. They have made some progress. Television sets, for instance, work just as well as crystal balls for scrying. Spells to enchant bows and arrows can be adapted to guns and bullets. Summoners have raised elementals from scrap metal, electricity and smog.

Cost Item Notes
10 +5 Ego (Max 20)
5 +5 Intelligence (Max 20)
3 Magic Skill: Technomancy (Ego) (Required for Casting)
3 Electronics (Int)
3 Inventor (Spell Design) (Int)
5 50pt Endurance Reserve (Mana Potential)
1 1pt Endurance Reserve Recovery (Mana Recovery)

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